Saturday, May 4, 2024

Youtube shorts feed.

In this world there have huge websites where huge menu or sub menus available. Huge numbers of ads are available also. There have large numbers of readers are available online also. There have a kind of readers which always loves to read the website latest news only. They do not like the ads with news and some times they feel huge trouble to read the latest articles about the website. To solve this problem RSS made a syndication system where a reader can read the website news only- the main contents only. Its some times called the feed also. 

Youtube is one of the world largest video streaming platform. Youtube have developed a feed also: that is called Youtube shorts feed. Its like a bar or row where some videos are coming continuously to the viewers to watch. Youtube identify personally which video will go for the shorts feed for a day or for a week or for a month. If youtube likes any shorts feed that will collect huge number of views. Basically youtube count views numbers : 0-999. Its an algorithm. But now a day You will find 99% videos are k based like 1k or 100k or 1000k or 10000k or 1M or 1M or 1 B. Here the matter is: This KMB are not numbers. KMB= Killo Millo Billo. Bangladesh does not have any videos by the number of Billion views yet now. 

See the top picture. You see the shorts feed are the main traffic source for my video. By that algorithm 0-999 views are the quality views because KMB are not numbers. So when any kind of fake views come and large number of fake views come that it can be say as a KMB. Otherwise the views numbers will be 100,1000,10000,100000,1000000 or 10000000 in case of real and organic views. So You can say Youtube shows the real views by the numbers only: not by KMB. 

See the numbers are here. Its called the real views numbers. So the views which I had received for my shorts video last day; those are all real. Not any fake views. When views comes from shorts feed that is called shorts feed traffic. Youtube have huge traffic sources. One of the main traffic sources for shorts videos is feed traffic source. Its a bar or its a row. 

Benefits of Youtube shorts feed:
  • Represent your channel which will increase your channel real subscribers numbers.
  • Generate views for the next shorts or your channel any videos.
  • Increase likes numbers.
  • Increase SEO score for the good comments.
  • Can stay for long time on the shorts feed.


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