Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Google update : Do not click any Google ads. Just visit from top to bottom.

 Google ads new structure.

Do not click any google ads. Just visit top to bottom of the page. 

Visit from top to bottom is called full scroll. If any website is greater than from a desktop screen size, than you will find a right side scroll bar. When you enter that website. Than if you scroll from top to bottom that is called full scroll of the webpage. In this world maximum website have the same things. 

Now a day Google has stopped the payment on ads click. If you click any ads of any website without any necessity than the CTR will be increase of the Adsense account and the publisher will face the problem or trouble. The publisher can get some problem also about the page views and about the low CPC. Because you should need to become high quality of visitor to click on any ads which attracts you. 

Google blog has announced that google is not paying any more time for the ads click. Google ads structure will pay only for the impressions of the website pages.

If you come to any blog or website where Google ads are available: you will check the website ads which are showing in front of you those are compatible with you or not. You can just give some impressions, but you do not need to click the Google ads if you are not interested. From now on Google ads are only paying for the perfect impressions based. 

A month of banner ad impressions for the website: The visitors which are coming they are all real and organic. For an unknown reason blogger page views are not getting count with adsense after having all of the setup is ok.

See the top image. I am getting $0.96 as a 68% of Adsense impressions. It means If I am able to get 1000 impressions from a website or page viewers : than this amount will be add with my adsense account. Additionally you should need to know how the impressions are getting count: 

  • Page RPM: You should need to visit the full pages and should need to stay for minimum 30 seconds within the page.
  • Impressions RPM: When you see any Google ads within the website page: Simply keep an eye to the ads and check the ads color, ads sizes and ads writings and also check the x sign or ! sign at the top right side of the banner ad. You can get the banner ad at any where within the website. So if you are a human: your impressions views will be count. 
Blogger integration with adsense is long time old. Previously I saw blogger page views are automatically adding with Google adsense. But now a day for the last 10 years: its not getting add automatically. All viewers are coming from search engine for my blog.

For an unknown reason my blogger blog page views are not getting add with the Google adsense Google adsense. All of the views are real and organic. I have website sitemap added. I have website ads.txt added. I have website HTML sitemap added also. I have meta keywords also. I am available with google search. Google search console and Google analytics are added also with my blog and adsense. But also blogger views and impressions are not getting add with Google adsense. Only God knows what's happened with @Google

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