Thursday, May 9, 2024

What is Youtube returning viewers?


Youtube is the world largest video streaming platform. If you want to learn youtube accurately: you should need to know huge and huge definitions honestly. Here you can know what is youtube returning views. Youtube have huge and huge video upload facilities. Its called they have a server of unlimited data upload based. But as far as I remember, when Youtube first come to this world: there had a decision about 40GB upload facility for every Youtube user or account. When you upload videos on Youtube, the basic and second think is to get views. For getting views every Youtubers have personal strategy.

To generate views or to get views you should need to know Youtube SEO algorithm : How youtube video works and run and get the views? When anybody have your video link and press the play button and watch the video stream for 30 seconds minimum that is called a viewer. Every viewer on the youtube video link is the first time called new viewer. When a viewer return on the video for any purpose to watch for the second time that is called returning viewers. So in a video how much viewers got returned that is very much important SEO. Because in this SEO world every thing has been designed for one time read or study or like or comment or share or upload or download for only. You can not upload one video for 2 times: basically you will not do this.

Returning viewers means there have some thing special on to your video. Your video have any special or attractive message for the viewers so that viewers got returned on to the youtube videos and this is very much important SEO and important algorithm to increase the revenue for youtuber in this world. You know what is youtuber? When a youtube content creator or video uploader earn from Youtube Monetization program or Youtube affiliate program or Youtube partnership program that is called Youtuber.

My good returning viewers based Youtube channel name is: masudbcl pigeon loft or @whitepigeons. Youtube viewer algorithm is very much important to get success on youtube earning. If you are eligible to generate a big audience than you are 50% advance on Youtube. But you can not generate intentional audience. Like you are a nation all together 8 crore peoples. Out of 8 crores peoples: 3 crores peoples lives on abroad. World have 220 countries. Your 3 crores peoples are available as a citizen or as a worker or as an employee to this 220 countries. You are a youtuber. You are planning to upload a video. After upload of the video: in a moment from 220 countries 3 crores peoples are started watching continuously that video. That video will not generate any huge or good revenue because the viewers were intentional or pre planned. You cna generate good revenue only with the regular viewers which are coming on a regular based to your youtube channel and which have another youtube watch or upload or activities record. The main thing: You should need to become human 100%. You can not become a species: because always there have God behind of Internet. God only track the records of human and their activities. Only human can become the returning viewers. Do not become an intentional viewer: there have 2 harm. The channel which are you are watching and the channel which you are from watching?

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