Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wordpress Migration backup plugin : Backupbliss.

The main features of Backup migration plugin : Backup bliss.

Every wordpress beginners, professionals and experts should need to know how to backup the wordpress websites. Some times its also necessary for the client or online marketplace buyers also. Creating a backup for your website is never been easy. Simply install the plugin and click create backup now and its done. You can also schedule the backup for weekly. You can define which files and databases should go to the backup and which are not. You can show the places where the backup will be store like on Google drive or any other places. Also you can mention the backup file name. This Back up Backupbliss plugin is a all together solution for simply backup or restore the wordpress file. Additionally you can move the wordpress backup to the another hosting. Backupbliss free version is limited to 2 GB file size. For more backup space you can upgrade to the premium version.

  • Backup creation of a whole website.
  • Selective Backup creation with advanced exclusion rules.
  • Backup restoring process. 
  • Website migration process. 
  • Automatic backup scheduling.
  • Backup files management.
  • Google drive external storage location for backups.
  • Staging site creation : locally and on TasteWP. 

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