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Adsense is paying what: Ads click or ads impression?

@Google Adsense is paying ads click value or ads impressions value?

Google blog announced that they would stop the ads click value.

Google adsense is paying ads impressions only. Google adsense has stopped the payment about the ads click value.

See the top image. 

Page views= 5639

Page RPM= $1.43

Impressions= 20,503

Clicks= 79

CPC= $0.10

Impression RPM= $0.39

Here we have 2 calculations. Previously adsense paid 2 types of values. Ads click value and ads impression value. Google blog announced at the first of this year that they would not pay the Google ads click value from April 2024. I was checking the matter the ads click value is adding or not. Last month I saw the ads click value was not adding to the main balance. Because Adsense rule was to get pay by 2 ways. One is Ads click and Another is Ads impressions. 

Lets do a calculation. 

Total clicks x Total CPC= 79 clicks x $0.10 =$7.90

and another value is: 

Total Impressions /1000 x Impressions RPM =

20,503 / 1000 x $0.39 = $7.995

So I got paid last month only for my ads impressions. I didn't got paid for any ads click because the total ads click value is: $7.9 + ads impression value is: $7.995= $15.895.Adsense pay always 68%-32% based. 

I got paid $7.995 as a 68%. 

The 32 % were: $3.76.

Than the total amount is: $11.757= $11.76

From the top calculation we can say that: Adsense has stopped the payment of Google ads click. From 2006 they have paid a large amount of billions dollar to the worldwide adsense publishers. Huge peoples got rich by this ads click method. There have huge professions and trending about this ads click matter. There had a professionals ads click team also. I heard a large number of peoples taken the foreign citizenship also for getting ads click value to a fix website which was a kind of crime because advertisers was not getting sales. Advertisers come to American network to get benefit but a counterfeit types of peoples makes Google as a guilty. Intentional ads click are not the accurate and organic ads click. Accurate and organic ads click means the viewers are showing the interest to the ads. Without interest ads click value should be a loss for the advertisers. In this way Google has lost a worldwide advertisers faith value also. Now a day Google is going to USA centralization process like a private zone because when we go the Gmail we see the workplace banner. Long time ago google was showing Google BD also.

Google ads impressions value should be count only by human. Not by species, allien or the so called surrogates society. Otherwise after some days you will see ads impression based payment will be stop also and Google ads will call the business stop from the world or makes the sub domain like Google Ads BD or Google Ads US. Some times I think Adsense should need to go to the sub domain section also like Adsense BD or Adsense US. Google Ads and Google Adsense main website will stay with the main admin. If google create any sub domain based business than remember for every country: only deal with the valid voter database based peoples. In this world United Nation have every country valid voter database number named PERP & FINIDC. Collect that first and verify everyone with the valid voter database based verification.

Ads click section is still showing on the @adsense dashboard. Though Google Adsense is not counting the ads click value; so it can be say easily that Google will not show this click option at the future time. 

Every kind of good traffics should need to allow for Adsense. Direct traffic increase the website page rank and position also. Large number of peoples visit the website by direct traffic. Where people says organic traffic is the traffic which comes from Google search engine keyword search based search engine result pages. Maximum people visit website by the direct type on web browser by the domain name. As for example: my website name is: masudbcl. Address is: If you search on google: masudbcl you will find the website on the first pages of search engine result pages. But if you type the domain name that statistics are not coming on my adsense analytics. I have sitemap, RSS, search engine submission, Google crawler activation and Google analytics and Google search console enabled. But also I do not receive the traffic stats on Adsense dashboard which are coming from web browser. See the down pictures: half of my traffic are not getting count where blogger is counting.

Do you believe any hackers group is controlling the traffic where only exchange views or organic views are getting count? Google adsense should need to count all of the good traffic which are coming from several sources (like: Direct, App, Social Media share, organic, Inorganic, White hat SEO etc.) In this world huge website count large number of traffic and those traffics are all good. Only a hacker group (If any) can not take any decision about only organic traffic will touch the Google adsense stats. Hope Google will solve this problem. By the rules and law of white hat SEO: every kind of SEO traffics are count. SEO loves direct traffic every time. 

Note: @Blogger stats should need to get direct connect with Adsense stats. Blogger have Google adsense monetization enabled integration services. If you find any hacker group from USA or from Bangladesh which are controlling which kinds of traffics are allowed on Adsense dashboard stats: than I am definitely sure they do not have valid voter numbers. They are not a valid citizens of any country. This is a bad behave from Google Inc. also by not getting every kind of traffic stats add with Google adsense.

May 2024 traffic stats from my blog to Google adsense.
The total traffic my blogger blog received from the worldwide.


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