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How much names I have online or in real life?

On a port access (Valid scan copy available with ports and Bangladesh Government) time I was with a foreign woman named Victoria and an uncles asked Victoria what is my name? Victoria answered my name is: cent. So this cent is my first nick name on Bangladesh. At early real school study time: my name has been given by the war criminal society in this country of Bangladesh named: Md. Golam Masud. Here Golam= servant. It means I am servant of the all masud or the war criminal society. By this name I had opened 2 bank accounts name: Bangladesh bank and Agrani bank. At that time only  Telephone & telegraphic transfer was available. My first school at mymensingh was Sishu nekton. There my name was Md. Golam Masud also. Basically in this world people can do service for the God or God father only as a servant. So masud was not a muslim God or God Father name. But there have a muslim sahaba named: Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Masud.

After few years when I was selected for the Secondary School Certificate level for 1996: at 1994 some hindu sir of my school said: This name Md. Golam Masud is not accurate. Because masud name is not a God name. So they had taken me to the court and made a court case and solved the name by making an international affidavit and I got a new name : Md. Masudul Hasan. I am using this name as my full name from 1994 to still now: 30 years of time. I have passed the secondary school certificate and higher secondary school certificate at 1996 and 1998. 

Basically there have huge masud in this world. As I last know: 1150k masud names are available on this world. I got admit at Sylhet Government Veterinary college at 1998-99 session and at that time my full name was Md.Masudul Hasan. I got internet and started work with this full name. Once upon a time: at 2000 when I was trying to register with windows and Microsoft related works: than windows was looking for my first name and last name. First name: Md. Masudul and Last Name: Hasan. After I gave these first name and Last name: I got 3 suggestions about to choice an username. You know every internet users have the username which are not registered with the government or with the church or mosques in this world. There I had selected my username: masudbcl. If you search on google by the keyword: masudbcl ; you will get a  large number of search engine result pages. 

At 1990; some 2/3 peoples came to me once upon a time at night time. They gave me some papers and had shown the revolvers' and said they are Dhaka Intelligence services agent (Department of Bureau or Bangladesh Special Brunch) and said to fill up 2 forms. I had filled up 2 forms. One was Bangladesh bank accounts opening forms and another was Agrani banks accounts opening form. Both of the form has bene filled up by my previous name: Md. Golam Masud and they had also taken the fingerprints of mine to the accounts opening forms. From that day up to my name change and or up to today: I didn't received any BDT or USD to my hands or by cheque book pages also. Still now I do not know why those peoples had taken my filled up forms and fingerprints. They had said: I would get pay regular monthly from a foreign sources but I didn't received any amount in this world. 

I am struggling for good money from my small childhood. When I had changed the name with the school teachers from Md. Golam Masud to Md.Masudul Hasan: than some freedom fighters came to me at the middle of night (One night) and gave me some dolil papers to sign. There were 2 freedom fighters and I had signed the papers and gave the fingerprints also by my new name. Before that at 1986 I can remember one more plot papers dolil which had taken sign from me also: some black Indian farmers came to me and said me to give the fingerprints to their plot papers. I was not understanding what to do? Here in mymensingh local area: some Morol's said me to do that and I had done those by their pressure. At that time my name was Md. Golam Masud. When Bangladeshi freedom fighters took the fingerprints at that time my age was 14 and my name was Md. Masudul Hasan. 

At 2011 time I got hacked or my laptop was stolen from my Dhaka living room and I had also my Gmail connected blogspot address also. From that day to still now I was using some more usernames like: centjoseph, centurion, centurionjosephian. My SEOclerks popular username is centurion. So in iunternet I have one more full name that is called: Cent Joseph and one more username that is called centurion. 

So after reading all of the article I can say there have 3 full names: 

Md. Golam Masud (Expired names)

Md. Masudul Hasan (Running full name from court affidavit)

Cent Joseph. (Does not exist with real life: I mean no papers still now in hand)

and the usernames are:

masudbcl (the most popular)




Freelancer masudbcl.

Blogger masudbcl.

Freelancer centurion.

Youtuber masudbcl (Now a day). 

Golam= Servant. Muslim peoples use tis Golam part when they keep their name by one of the Asmaul Hosna names. Asmaul Hosna is a muslim matter where muslim God have 99 special names. Like: You can say Golam Rahman but you can not say Golam Masud. Because Rahman is the name of Muslim God but Masud is not the name of Muslim God. So it was very much necessary for me to change the names because I am not any kind of servant of all the Masud in this world. But Bangladeshi war criminal society means it huge time that: I am their masud servant where their masud is psycho patient. I mean half mental. That another masud does not have valid voter numbers and is not a valid citizen in Bangladesh. If you talk to that guy you would find him mental patient or in trouble based. That person is 65+ years old.

I got valid voter registration from this Bangladesh government by the name of Md.Masudul Hasan. At first I got a voter number on 1999 voter list. After that I got the another voter number at 2008/2009 time. Now I got another voter number also which is called popular netizen numbers. I had opened my personal bank accounts at Dutch Bangla Bank limited (2006) and 2014 and another bank accounts with Eastern Bank limited (2018). You will find the full bank details from the top named donation button. I use these 3 bank accounts for my personal transaction and mainly for receiving the foreign remittance which I am earning regular from online or internet. I am 44 years old. Now a day I have valid Tax identification number also for Bangladesh by that valid citizenship numbers. 

There have some peoples which are always making confusions in this world by my nick name called Masud. For removing the confusion I have written this article. Hope it will help you a lot which are facing trouble about my internet names and real life names or usernames. I have all valid papers. If you want I can send my Passport scan copy also. So you can contact with me:

Those 2 officers which came to me at 1990 by the name of Department of Bureau and by the name of Special Brunch about to open the bank accounts: didn't came to me on my entire life. Now I am 44. At that time I was 11 years old. Later I had opened a Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (2005/06 and one more is 2014) and  Eastern Bank Limited at 2018 time. I am using these 3 bank accounts for my online earning of foreign remittance like from SEOclerks marketplace website or from Adsense monetization of website and youtube channels. I didn't received any single money from those 2 accounts of Bangladesh bank and Agrani banks which I had opened at 1991 time. At that time I was a resident of Bangladesh Agricultural University residential area. I left BAU R/A at 1999 to 20 Number ward (Previous kewatkhali) Mymensingh and  to Sylhet government veterinary college, Sylhet also. 

I do not know anyone by the name of Md. Golam Masud of these areas named: Sylhet, Mymensingh and Dhaka. This name is not a meaningful name. If anybody claim his name is Md.Golam Masud except me: that person does not have valid voter number and valid voter id card number. They can show only some fake numbers. Without voter number a person can not get Bangladesh government facilities. If so that will be a kind of crime. 

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