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How much youtube pays for 1000 views?

how much youtube pays for 1000 views?

I had overcome the last challenge of the Youtube Monetization Program enemy of Dhaka. The guy had challenged me I could not earn more than 1100$ from Youtube Monetization program. Youtube always pay as a 55%-45% ratio based. Here the earning is 55% ratio based and after the deduction of the charges. The total Tax cut from my Youtube monetization program earning is 500$+. Here we will note for 500$. 

Youtube is an incorporation. As far as I know an incorporation does not pay tax to USA. But here the tax is getting cut for getting views, RPM views and Ad views from the several countries where they look for some small % for getting revenue for their citizens youtube view. Youtube monetization program always pay the revenue by Adsense payment section which comes to the world wide banks as an Inward customer transfer. Moreover Inward customer Transfer is an international organization which can pay any amount to any valid citizen of this world. Its a kind of payment and revenue transaction system money transfer organization. 

If you are ne won my blog you are requested to watch my youtube channel: masudbcl. I had opened this youtube channel at 2017. I got monetization on 2021 and I am working with SEO related video tutorials from 2021. Lets calculate how much Youtube paid me on this time as a 55%. 

See the top image. Out of 361k views: you can say 100k views are paid views: bought from social media panel. Social media panel views does not generate any revenue or dollar. The direct or external views and organic views or any other kind of good views generate revenue for the youtubers. So which are the original views:

361k views - 100k views= 261k views
As a 55% youtube paid me: $1121 
500$ Tax cut.
Youtube cut 3 kinds of Tax cuts.
So here is the total 1121$ + 600$= 1721$ 
Lets see how much youtube cut as a 45%.

1721$ x 45 / 55= 1408$
Than total earnings are: 
1721$ + 1408$ = $3129

Than how much Youtube (YMP) is paying for every 1000 views.
Total revenue ($) / Total views (k)
$3129 / 261k = $11.988= $11.99

That means youtube is paying 11.99$ for every 1000 views on my Youtube channel: masudbcl.

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