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Youtube Tab Inspiration.


Youtube Inspiration.

Youtube is a video search engine where you will find a large number of videos on every category and topics. Now a day people loves to learn from video tutorial. So day by day Youtube is getting popular around the nationwide and worldwide. Youtube have a video search bar at the top. Any kind of database where you see a search bar that is called a kind of search engine. For the video platform youtube is the first and number one video search engine for this world. 

Youtube search bar.

If you search any keyword on Google: than you will get a details database about the website list. Most of the website you will find direct website link based. A few will come by the sub domain based websites also. In case of Youtube: you will find a details video list or video search engine result pages. There you will get minimum 100 videos link where you will get your favorite one. For this reason if you want to come to the top of the video result pages, you should need to research the keyword accurately. Youtube have personal research tab: recently they had changed the tab name called Inspiration. 

Youtube Tab inspiration.

Youtube audiences are several types. The most common and popular audiences are direct viewers. People loves to come to search the videos also by several keywords. So if you have good keyword ideas than you can large number of views. But to earn from Youtube monetization program: you should need to get good number of ads views also. If you have large number of views but if you do not have good number of ad views than your earning will not be ok. For that reason you should need to know the accurate audience for you and also the right keywords and advertisers CPC also. 

Youtube keyword research.

When you search a keyword: at first youtube will show the similar ideas keywords. Before the similar ideas keywords: Youtube search engine algorithm or bots will try to show you the nearest or accurate keywords based ideas. If not than similar keywords ideas list will come. See the top image. I have written a keyword named pigeon and Youtube keyword research inspiration tab is showing 3 similar ideas keywords. If you create video with any of the similar ideas than you will get a good number of views: its can say easily but not guaranteed. 

Top searches for the video.

Another good search algorithm is : keywords phrase. 2 + keywords or question based keywords or a sentence based keywords are called keyword phrase. Now a day it is very much popular on Youtube video search engine that is called keyword phrase based search. It works definitely because when large number of peoples searched by any keyword phrase than that phrase comes to the search algorithm. But you should need to know those keywords or keywords phrases are working with advertisers CPC best. So this is the best suggestion for any youtubers to make video with the advertisers CPC keywords based. On that way you can get good and quality number of views and ad views also.

Youtube inspiration older version.

Another good keyword idea is to collect the Youtube Inspiration tab large volume based keywords. This is guaranteed if you select any large volume based keywords than you will get some good views or views numbers. Always remember that huge views are not everything. It does not prove the popularity or anything.  Because there have huge ways to generate large number of views. Only quality views are everything which comes to your video and stay minimum some moments to become a viewer for your youtube channel. I have applied quality based views technique and got success. Now I am trying for huge numbers of good views every time which are right audience based or for the direct traffic. Every search engine loves to get direct traffic to the domain or subdomain. See my earning proof details on here: Youtuber masudbclYoutuber masudbcl

Youtuber masudbcl earning.

If you want to earn good from Youtube Monetization program you should need to select the right audience based keywords. Youtube ads always run ads by the browser cookies analysis or Youtube app cookies analysis or you can say history based. So the viewers should be relevant and related. In case of social media exchange: API (Application programming interface) run personal SEO structure where API analyze the video and run the related and relevant ads. 

Caution: Intentional video views and video ads views will not give you huge earnings. You can get large number of views but you can not get the large number of earnings. Intentional means: as for example: worldwide 5000 cities have 5000 youtube viewers. You had published a video and 5000 peoples came to that video intentionally without following any SEO structure and there huge number of ads views or earnings will not come. Because here the viewers are intentional viewers. Now a day Youtube is paying only RPM based views. RPM= Revenue per mille. 

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