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Bad things about Youtube Monetization Program.

Bad things about youtube monetization program.

There have a bad things with Youtube Monetization Program. That is called about the payment amount. This is the 4th time for my you tubing life: they didn't paid me accurately and honestly. I have 2 youtube channels: masudbcl or masudbcl pigeon loft. Down is the both youtube channels statistics for the month of May 2024. All over the amount is : $29.19 + $15.36 = $44.55 as a 55%. Youtube monetization program always pays to the youtubers as a 55%-45% ratio based. 

Youtube Monetization Program.

As a 55% the total earning is: $44.55. Than lets see how much youtube cuts from this earning. $44.55 x 45/55= $36.45. Than the total earnings are: $44.55 + $36.45= $81 is the total earning. 

Youtube monetization program payment.

Youtube add payment to the Adsense Inc. in every month 3 to 8th. As usual Youtube added the payment on yesterday as the regular payment of Youtube Monetization Program. This is called youtube revenue. At every month 23 to 28 : youtube monetization program payment from adsense to the worldwide bank accounts. But unfortunately after earning $44.55 or $81 : I got paid only 20$ on to my adsense accounts. 

Adsense for Youtube payment.

Previously I had $18.6 on to my adsense account with Adsense for youtube tab. Now the balance is: $38.89. That how much I got paid after earning $44. The balance is: $38.89- $18.6 = $20.29. It means half of my payment got vanished which is a kind of ridiculous. 

Youtube always cut 3 kinds of Tax cut from the youtubers earning. 2 kinds of Tax cut can not be 20$+. Its a kind of impossible matter. I often heard this is happen with lots of youtubers. This is the matter of youtube monetization program honesty and remuneration. Another most important thing is: Youtube does not show any cause or does not show any statistics for the deduction of balances which makes confusion to the huge youtubers. 

Youtube is the world largest video streaming platform. Here honesty is 100% necessary. Adsense also does not show accurately and honestly about how much is several kinds of tax cuts with every month payment. Hope @Google and @Youtube will answer the worldwide youtubers and will show and clarify the more clean about the several kinds of tax cuts and balance decrease matter. 

Note: I do not know there have any kind of hackers on Youtube monetization program revenue section or in adsense section. I am with youtube from the first day. As far as I know: I saw youtube pre launch and launch on my own eyes. There I saw the program of revenue and adsense payment is very much fix degree radius and angle based. There have no honest power who can change the revenue or payment angles. If any country changes that radius and angles for the balance decrease or increase: than that country will be responsible to pay the full money of the full youtubers around the worldwide with a demurrage charges. Now a day Youtube have sub domains and several servers. But the law or rules will be same. The earnings should be accurate and honest. Also it is in my knowledge from 2004 of youtube program: no body is able to withdraw funds from Youtube if the balance got decrease or deleted. The balance stay with a hidden zone where the balances can be count as an infraction or infracted balances. Here the law is same: if any country hackers or youtubers or programmers intentionally changes the balances: than they will pay the accurate balances at the future time. Youtube should need to make this revenue and Adsense payment tab automatic or AI based for stay clear confusion. Also adsense should need to show which countries are cutting tax cut for the youtube video views and ad views.

If youtube disburse any kinds of revenue or payment program or tab or sheet to the outside of USA: than Google and Youtube should need to reverify the authentication of those program operator peoples: like they have valid voter number in this world or not. I believe in case of disbursement youtube and google should need to check their valid voter numbers. If not than or if yes: in both cases the AI tool usage for the revenue and payment tab will be super. One more thing can be say: Adsense and Ad wards can be sub domain based also in case of outside USA operation. Like : or this kind. 

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