Thursday, June 13, 2024

Youtube update. Youtube handle name can be change with different languages.


Youtube have a recent update: they are updating their handles by several languages. If you do not customize your URL in to link than the last part of your link will be count as your channel username. Like: you have a channel where username is: user123. So the handle will be @user123 and the channel link will be :

If you do not customize your username or link than it will be a trouble for your channel SEO. Because if you have meaningful keyword at the last of the link or at the username or within the handle: than Youtube will promote you swiftly. But if you have username with alphanumeric characters: than you know Youtube SEO algorithm will not work for your channel link or for your subdomain or for your videos for having 123....with the username. Because SEO does not work for numbers. It only works for the characters: A-Z, a-z.

Each channel have one handle.

Basically @uses on email server. Like or example: But here on Youtube: @masudbcl calls as a handle. It means youtube have a new system that is called handle. Handle is popularly called as an username. Like Facebook username is Facebook handle, Twitter username is called twitter handle etc. Additionally this handle username have a social media SEO. Like youtube shows the handle with the videos comments, shorts plays and with some more functions. 

Youtube channel handle

Every youtube creators have personal username or handle. One creator handle can not be same with another youtube creators handle. A handle can be change if you are not happy and after 14 days every time. @masudbcl is my handle name of my youtube channel. I have one more youtube channel: @whitepigeons

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