Thursday, June 27, 2024

Youtube advertisers are loosing balances by the fraud ways.

Youtube Advertisers are loosing balances from the fraud freelancers.

Micro jobs website workers are clicking the advertisers ads without any interest and by using VPN.

Youtube is the first video streaming platform in this world from 2006 to still now. Regular Youtube have several billions of views on their videos. There have huge ways to add SEO with youtube videos which advertisers like to publish video ads and website ads with every videos. Youtube ads is a large number of audience based ad publishing industry in this world. Now a day Youtube run ads with every videos on youtube which full fill the ads client criteria. 

Youtube Ads

Do you know how Youtube collect video ads? Did you ever shared Youtube video ads website to your large number of social media profile wall post. Are you earning regular from Youtube Monetization program? Do you believe you live on a youtube ads industry community. There you have a minimum responsibility to share the youtube video ads website. If not than you are earning from the YMP without sharing your community to the youtube ads industry. Youtube does not pay any thing for the video views or for the ads views. Youtube Monetization program pays for the video views by RPM or by the ads views with skip ads.

Google Ads

Google Ads website have the opportunity for the youtube video ads also. There have huge advertisers on youtube ads industry. Now a day people loves to share the advertising by the youtube videos and by creating a free youtube channel. By the advertisers website: you should need to pay minimum $0.01 for every video ads which are getting serve by the youtube videos world. But you will be astonish by watching some fraud matters where Youtube advertisers are loosing large number of balances. Lets see the step by step process. 

Youtube video ads work.

In internet there have huge micro jobs website. Maximum micro jobs website is now offering to click the youtube video ads advertisement without any interest. For that reason they are using the fake VPN policy. I do not believe in this way youtubers are getting pay from the fake ads click because advertising policies are very strong. For having ad with a video: maximum there can be a RPM (revenue per mille) value. See in top: In a micro job website: a micro job client or buyer is placing an advertisement for placing an ads click by using the VPN. 

Youtube video ads.

Here you are watching the advertisers headline. In this way on the micro job website : buyer or clients call the peoples or freelancers to click their ads. Google blog announced some days ago: they had removed the ads click value from Google ads structure. There have no way to know the EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) status now from Youtube studio analytics program. There have no clear statistics also how much you are getting from the YouTube video top ads click or side top ads click or video down ads click. But for using VPN it can be say easily: it is destroying the advertisers ads and these advertisers will never return on Youtube. 
Youtube video ads watch
See the top image. Here an advertisers described how a youtuber or freelancer will click the youtube video ads and how much time the freelancer will stay on ads website. I want to share a details discussion with Youtube support team 2/3 days ago. You can read the full details from a facebook post. Also you can see the details screenshot from the below picture. 

Youtube Support answer.

Here youtube clearly mentioned that you can not request anyone to click the video ads related websites. This is completely banned or fraud case for the youtube ads industry. Every body should need to know Youtube comes from California, USA. Its not any local website or business. On another way: Youtube always encourage peoples to click the video ads only when the watcher or viewer have real time interest. 

So every freelancers should need to know that: you can not click any video ads website without any interest. You can only click the YouTube video ads website while you are visiting the youtube videos and from your own interest. If you click the youtube video ads website without your personal interest and from this micro jobs website - than you are destroying the youtube advertisers balance those which can be your client or buyer at any time. Its also a non professionalism behavior in this online world. At the same time you are destroying @youtube ads industry: because for the fraud or VPN ads visit website: these advertisers can not be return to the Youtube ads or Google ads for the life time. Every advertisers loves to get sales or generate signups. 


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