Saturday, May 11, 2024

Difference between Intentional viewers and social media panel viewers.

Intentional views or viewers are not an established term on social media. The illiterates person will say: intentional views and international views are same. I am trying to say a group history in this world. They are all on social media and every body have them social media profile. In case of Youtube: they do not use any youtube accounts. So they watch Youtube by not logged in and SEO views are not counted in some factors. Like if they search the video and if they do not stay logged in: than that stats will go for the direct or external views. But in case of logged in with youtube app: it will be count as an organic views because the person had searched the video and than came to watch to play. 

I was discussing about that social media group which they are distributed huge numbers of cities around the worldwide. They all are intentional. because their mentalities are that: we will go to the top most cities and we will watch the video where RPM and CPM is high. In this way they are trying to enrich a youtube channel but for a certain comes and regular watch for the same category and few number of channel video views: their viewers are counted as an intentional: because they are saying they are getting 1$ only for every 100k views. 

Think the group have 50 million youtube users around the worldwide. They always use the same broadband IP in case of real views. They select a keyword which is not available with the advertisers keyword list. After that on a schedule time they launch a video after successful upload. Their videos are all about high resolution. Like 1 hour video is 12 GB which is a large amount of data or content. Moreover they use pirated software for the editing. So there have no way to run the advertisers ads. Moreover they come on a certain time all together and say that they got 50 million views after video publish. But they are saying they are not getting dollar like 100k views 1$. Basically advertisers ads is not finding any raw content to run the ads. Ads run previous condition is raw content. This kind of views are called intentional views. 

On another hand: they are not publishing their video earning stats. So peoples are not understanding how much they are earning as a monetizer. Intentional views are not available for running ads. Like: One advertiser have 50 million ads on that time or at the same time. If they all see that ad: advertiser will not get any sales or leads. For that reason advertiser will ultimately left the Youtube ads platform and Youtube will loss the advertisers. So what is the organic views?  When you have Youtube cookies or history available: when you are watching the contents as per your interest and upon search based and when you are calling to watch your content from the channel watch page : than it can be count as an organic views. But if you do not come as an organic way than ads will not come or for having record of IP address: ad value will not be count because ads didn't not got the organic views which are very much necessary to get the sale or leads.

Intentional views will not generate any dollar for you from the revenue program. Their IP addresses are recorded and their cookies or histories are not available. Its called some times black listed. Advertisers come to get benefit from the ads program. @Youtube always see the advertisers benefits first because they are the business. So do not try to become an intentional views: always try to become an international views.

Social media panel viewers are a kind of organic. Not full 100% organic. Social media panel viewers (except bot viewers) are also coming from the worldwide viewers or from the worldwide web browsers algorithm: they are not organic keyword search based but they are API (Application programming interface) protection based. SMM panel viewer will not generate any dollar for you because that is revenue protected. Youtube revenue does not allow the API views but they allow the numbers to show under the video. You can get recommended views, suggested views, Explore views, Direct views from social media panel which can play an important role for the youtube SEO algorithm.

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