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How much Youtube pays for 1000 RPM views?


Basically the balance was 14.28$. After deduction of Vat and Tax cut its showing 11.00$. Youtube Monetization program cuts 3 types of Tax cut. 2 types of Tax cut within the bill cycle period of 03-08 every month and 3rd types of tax cut (USA views Tax cut) within the 23-28. So lets see the calculation over here. Its already 12th May. So you can say easily the bill has bene added with Adsense. Now a day Youtube Monetization program is only paying for the RPM views. They are not paying the EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback) based. I was running the experiments. If any views come from non monetizable sources like from an exchange website where Youtube ads are not available: than those views are not counted for RPM value. But if you take the views from any sources where the Advertiser ads are available: those views are counted for the RPM value. But the question is: where is the ad value or skip ads value? 

For the last 10 years YMP was paying to the youtubers by the EMP value based. Like Skip ads + 30 seconds watch based. For the last 1 year + time: YMP is not paying the EMP based. They didn't gave any previous notification. So it can be come to the hesitation easily: who is running the YMP programs? I heard a gossip is that: this YMP team is suing my name or references also some times but I do not know them in real life. If you get any source or clue: you will simply ask them which masud: give us a JPEG? As far as I know: they do not know the picture. They know the format only. So if you say: which masud give us a picture? They will not reply. But if you say which masud give us a JPEG: than they will reply. I do not know accurately and honestly which team is running the Youtube Monetization Program in this world. 

Lets calculate how much I got paid from one youtube channel with a fewer youtube views. I shall calculate by depends on 14.28$ because I had earnt that. 
Total views: 5.9K 
Total revenue: 14.28$ (as a 55%) 

Youtube always cut the revenue of 45% from the youtubers. So the total revenue is: $14.28 x 45 / 55= $11.68 
So the total revenue is: $25.96 

So Lets calculate how much I got paid for every 1000 RPM views? 
Total revenue / Total views
$25.96 / 5.9k 
$4.40 for every 1000 RPM views. 

RPM= Revenue per mille. 

I am staying with a confusion. Like: when any video have ad play than that video is going to count for RPM value. But the question is when any ad get run with the video: than the video will get pay 2 things: one is ad views and second is RPM value. So it can be say easily: the views which are coming without skip ads: those are not getting count for the RPM value. Like: I had run several thousands views from a sources to my videos. Those views got counted but the RPM value went down from top to bottom. Like from 5$ to $0.50 for every 1000 RPM views. It can be say easily: the youtubers are not getting pay the skip ads value for their video play and a hacker or the YMP team are stealing that funds because advertisers are paying regular for their ad run value with the quality videos. See the down picture. Now a day YMP does not show the EMP stats as like as previous.

See here the RPM is showing but the YMP is not showing. Does @Youtube know this that a gap is available in here by the name and fame of Youtube brand.  RPM= Revenue per Mille( 1000 views based). If any video generate 1000 views and got a revenue value that is called revenue per mille based. So basically a view can get count only by 30 seconds based. So if you are benefit from this article of mine: please feel free to give me a view on my Youtube channel. 

If you want to see EMP based payment prooves than you are highly requested to see my Youtube payment proof related video tutorials. 

[Note: If the hack happens and the balances are going to the infraction level: than it should need to know every one that: youtubers will not be able to work with those infraction balances when the hack will be vanish. So the country and administrations which are giving the support to the hackers: they will pay this large numbers of billions of dollar and they will use that infraction balances (if it is happen). As a youtuber and for having long time online connectivity (from 1995-2024) its my decision. Because I am also hampered in here. So the country is responsible which are helping the USA incorporations websites hackers for the future time demerge ]charges for worldwide youtubers or monetizers.]

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