Friday, May 3, 2024

Adsense new rules about Sexually Explicit Content Policy and Spam Policies.


From May 2024: Google adsense is publishing new updates about sexual explicit content. It means every one we are blogger should need to stay alert about the sexual content when we are writing for the future time. Adsense can mark trouble with the sexual explicit content. When we write about sexual content than we should need to know Adsense will give an extra eye to our content from May 2024. I do not see Adsense works with sex or porno websites in this world from 2006 to still now. I am using adsense or with the adsense from 2006. 

I am a freelancer blogger and youtuber. For my work purpose I always visit the websites and I always see the adsense ads from my personal interest. If adsense allows porno related content at the future time: than it will be dangerous popular. But may be as like as youtube: they will not allow content publishers which are direct porno or sex related. Some days ago Youtube have the same updates: Sexually Explicit Content Policy and Spam policies. From now before uploading any youtube video: you should need to mark an additional field about synthetically alerted. As far as I know: Google Adsense will never allow the porno or sex related industry for their content monetization. But if you search on google about porno or sex: You will find huge xxx or porno related videos. 

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