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What is RPM views?

 RPM= Revenue Per Mille is a term of Youtube monetization program. As a youtuber : you can generate huge number of views like: 

  • Suggested views
  • Recommended views
  • Direct views
  • External views
  • Other sources views etc.
But if these views are not monetizable views than the revenue will not come. In another case for huge number of non monetizable views: the RPM of the youtube channel can be fewer or low. So lets discuss what is monetizable views?


Monetizable views mean in the views where youtube had shown or served the ads. Like: you are a viewer of my youtube channel any videos. After press the play button you get video ads. You had skip ads or you had shown the full ads. After the ad views you saw the video for 30 seconds minimum. That can be call monetizable views or RPM views because your video meet the advertisers qualification. Now you have large number of views but all of the views are not serving the ads to the audience. That is called non monetizable views means those views are not coming from the advertiser ad set up location. Like advertisers ads are not available on that area from where you are watching the ads or video ads are not available for that country from where you are watching the video of my youtube channel. There have another meaning of non monetizable views: that is called the channel is not monetized. From a non monetized channel views was previously called non monetizable views but now a day Youtube is serving video ads for every kind of videos wherever you are monetized or non monetized. 

So which kind of views are RPM views? 
The views which are generating revenue for you that is called Revenue per Mille views. So your video is always good for serving ads but on your channel category or with your video keywords the advertisers ads are not available. In that way your video is generating views but there video ads are not available. It is called non RPM views or non monetizable views. Because Youtube Monetization program is paying for the last 10 years as a: Skip ads+ 30 seconds method based. After video ads you should need to watch the video for 30 seconds minimum to become a view number for the video and channel. 

So if your video does not serve video ads: that views will be count must and will work with the channel RPM must. But for the last few months: I am observing a large number of views decrease the RPM of youtube channel. If you purchase the views that the infraction >=$0.01 will work for you. Like your channel RPM will stay $0.01 level or surround for buying or purchasing large number of views. It prooves that your channel is not generating large number of quality views. So here quality views are everything because quality views will must get the video ads. 

Can I see the full video ads?
Yes. You can see the full video ads but if the video ads are not compatible with you that you can skip ads. In this way: advertisers will not loss money for your video watch. If you press the skip ads than half of the ad cost or 1/10 of the video ad cost will be serve. Rest of the ad value will be return. See the down chart: there you will not find the full video ads show stats. 

So see here Full ad views statistics are not available. So worldwide youtubers follow a rule: skip ads+ 30 seconds. In this way youtubers will get pay. The full ad views goes where: may be in future it can be know from Youtube. So RPM views means: 

  • Your channel is monetized
  • Your channel videos have sufficient video ads.
  • Your viewers are watching ads.
  • The are pressing skip ads. 


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