Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Youtube is not showing channel and videos rpm.


Youtube monetization program always showing 2 days later statistics for the last 10 years. Recently like 1 year ago they had stopped to show the EMP (Estimated Monetization playback). Now for the last 3 days they are not showing the channel RPM (Revenue Per Mille) stats and also videos RPM in the details section.  

Basically we do not know who is the owner of Youtube Monetization Program on Youtube. It can be say easily that its come from the outside or its a 3rd party program. Some times I feel confusion about that 3rd party peoples are the valid citizens of this world (means they have valid voter numbers or not for any country) because they do not gives any previous notice before showing off any services. Before show off EMP - it was very much necessary to show a notification. Without any kind of prior notification to show off the sections or services is a kind of non professionalism. I didn't expect it from Youtube inc on my entire 30+ years of internet usage life.

8th May: 2024. Time: 6.48 PM 
Now youtube is showing this status update.

11.55 PM. GMT+6.00 
Now its showing OK.

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