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How to setup ads.txt for blogger blog with adsense?

How to add ads.txt code with blogger blog?

Its not bad if you add the ads.txt code for your blogger blog to get more verification from the advertisers.

Usage of ads.txt is necessary for the advertisers verification about to sell ads within your website. Ads.txt is not mandatory but to use with the website is highly recommended. You can create a txt file and write the programming code from google adsense to that file. After that you should need to upload that file to the domain root directory or to the hosting section also. If you use ads.txt file: advertisers can easily verify you for selling ads. 

Google adsense ads.txt code will help you to get more verification and to get more reliable and trusted advertisers. Ads.txt code verification will prevent you to serve the fraud ads.

You will find this code on the Adsense publisher platform. Some times adsense can show you the code by an error sign. Its not a major problem but to stay verify as a plus point. For setting up blogger blog: you can follow an easy steps. At first we need to know what's include within the ads.txt file or section. 

Field #1: Domain name within the advertisers platform.

Field #2: Publishers account ID. 


Field #3: Type of Account relationship. 


Field #4: Certification authentication id. 


By using Ads.txt you can prevent the fraud ads on to your website. To add the ads.txt code is very much easy for blogger blog. Go to the settings section. See for the section Monetization. Find out the customads.txt file section. 
Open the field and paste the code to the field. Now save.

You will find the customads.txt section on blogger blog easily. Simply go to the monetization section from settings. There you will see the customads.txt section. Open the field and paste the code from third part ads.txt code.

If you write ads.txt file after the domain than you can see that is working. If the link is working than Google adsense will crawl the file. If not than you should need to solve the ads.txt code. Like if you write: than you will see all of those 4 information's are showing.

Every website ads.txt code will be in 4 sections.Domain name within the advertisers platform, Publishers account ID, Type of Account relationship, Certification authentication id.

This is a kind of good verification for the blogger blog with adsense. I have custom domain for my blogger. My ads.txt file is working with both of the domains. Another or blogger domain is:

Finally you will see this message when you check the ads.txt status from Google Adsense.

Status of after you get verify your blogger ads.txt file with Google Adsense. You will get this kind of message notification.

Also you have to sure the controls and revenue share status is ok by these fields.

As a blogger you have these sections control automatically when you are working with google adsense.

After verifying ads.txt code with the adsense, You need wait some times to get the final notification. After getting verify with blogger blog and adsense you will get status update inside of the adsense.

When google crawler find your website with a successfull crawling, than you will find this image notification.

You will also find the authorized status inside of your adsense.

Finally you will get the authorized notification on your Google adsense sites section.

This video can help you a lot.

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