Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Payoneer is a huge develop based banking system now a day.

I have been working with freelancing and outsourcing for the last few years. Basically has been started from 2004 by O desk and many other websites and regular maximum earning was 2$. From 2004 to still now I have been placed order for getting Payoneer card for minimum 10 times to Payoneer. To get a pre paid Payoneer mastercard from Payoneer is free by any marketplace. You can check the down screenshots and there you will find the information that on Bangladesh I didn't received the 3 payoneer pre paid mastercard after giving every information accurately and correctly by my passport and by my national ID card also. It seems like a pre plan way some one was not giving the card to my hand on Bangladesh like I am enemy for some one. Now yesterday Payoneer assured me that they had issued a new prepaid mastercard by my name and they had used the registered postal service (DHL) and they will give me the DHL tracking number so that I can track my card where the card is available. Just think that from 2004 to still now- How much time I had been tried to get a pre paid payoneer mastercard in this world of Bangladesh. By this time several crore of Payoneer cards has been issued on Bangladesh but I was a bad lucky guy on this country of Bangladesh where payoneer assured me minimum 10 times they had been sent the card to me but from Bangladesh end I didn;t received. Why some peoples are such as this types of cruel with human without any necessity.

It will be victory for me because I have been trying to get a payoneer pre paid mastercard for the last 14 years. Now Mymensingh have DHL postal service and I can receive it from my local station easily. I have been doing freelancing and outsourcing work professionally for the last 7 years. One prepaid Payoneer mastercard will help me very much to lead my freelancing and outsourcing life. I have international mastercard from local bank account where I am also able to collect my money via SWIFT transaction. But recently I have missed a SWIFT transaction on Bangladesh. From City Bank Inc has been assured me with 11 reference number that the money has been cleared from their side  but on Bangladesh I have been called several time on the Local bank and they said they didn't received the money. It was an astonishing matter for me because at 2011-2012 time I have received huge payment by SWIFT transaction to DBBL bank on Bangladesh. Some days ago the payment which I had missed- it was a payment of 53$. Later I had shown the full documents to a lawyer. 

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