Sunday, November 26, 2023

Youtube introduced a new section For You showing masudbcl youtube channel.


Youtube introduced a new section For You. If you do not have huge videos: this section will not show on your @youtube channel. This For You section is only for you & for your youtube channel viewers. Youtube personally will recommend fresh content based on viewer interest based. This section will stay at the top of your youtube channel. This For You section will give you a new shape to your audience when they come to your channel home page. This For You section will also introduce viewers interest for your youtube channel. You can choose what types of content to show from the last 12 months.

See top image. My youtube channel: masudbcl is showing the For You section. This For You section will not be available for every channel Home Page. If you want to check your youtube channel For You Section, simply Log In to your Youtube Channel.

  • After Login Come Youtube Studio Analytics section.
  • See Left Side Customization> Layout Section.
  • See Recommended for you: For You Section.
  • See the down image also.
  • You can On/Off this section for your Youtube Channel.

After this: Check More Settings section. See top image to check more settings. After click you will find a new dialogue box. There you can mention what kind of videos you can show to For You section. You will find 3 kinds of contents to show: 
  • Shorts 
  • Video
  • Livestreams
See down. You will find 2 more options. This section name is Recency. One is: 
  • All Content. (recommended) 
  • Recent contents only.
I suggest for every Youtuber to use the All content Recommended section. 

Turn For You section on/off. 
  • Sign in to Youtube Studio or Open the Youtube Studio App.
  • On the Youtube Studio, from the left section, select customization > Layout.  On the Youtube Studio App, At the top right , tap your profile picture > Edit Channel.
  • Under 'Recommendation for viewers' switch the "For You" section on/off.
  • Click Publish.

This section is available only for my youtube channel viewers. If you do not have real viewers on your youtube channel: this section will not show. Keep an eye to my blog for the next time update of For You related news. Also subscribe my youtube channel and press the bell icon. I have one more youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft or @whitepigeons. There the For You section is showing also. 

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