Thursday, December 7, 2023

Why Adsense approved blogger blog stats are not counting on Adsense dashboard?


In this Blogging world: Blogger blog is very much popular to every blogger in this world. If you want to do free blogging: than there have no other first alternative except Blogger. Its very much popular for the unlimited hosting place. If you create any account with blogger by your Gmail, than you will get a free subdomain and an unlimited hosting space. There have another hosting service like self hosted blog. Self hosted blog means you need to buy hosting from another popular hosting services. Like: Namecheap, HostGator, Bluehost etc. 

Huge bloggers in this world love Bluehost Blog. Bluehost hosting is very much popular. I have also used this hosting in real life. I had enjoyed the hosting speed very much. I suggest every one to use Bluehost blog in case of self hosted blog. Bluehost Hosting services have an affiliate program. Anybody can join with this affiliate program and can earn by selling Bluehost services.

Now see on the top first image. There you are watching a stats of Blogger Blog. I have a blog which you are reading now named masudbcl. This is a blogspot and after registration I got free blogspot domain. If you type than you will also find this blog. So if you create a blog with Blogger blog which is not self hosted blog; than you will find a free subdomain and unlimited hosting. Now the question which I was trying to say that: the blogger blog stats are not showing the same stats on Adsense dashboard. 

I know blogger blog from 2006. Previous time every blogger views easily comes to the Adsense dashboard I saw. But from after 2013 the blogger views are not getting count on Adsense dashboard. I have adsense and Google analytics enabled with my blogger blog. The views which are getting count by Blogger blog and the Adsense impressions which are getting generate on blogger blog: those are not showing on Adsense dashboard at Bangladesh side. For SEO and for the SEO keyword based articles and for search engine algorithm : any one can find your blog or blog posts from the worldwide any country search engines. The visitors or traffic which stay for some time on Blog can be count as a @blogger blog views. That views will be count by @Adsense also. 

In case of Blogger Integration with Adsense: the traffic module should be same. Because for having Adsense ad: Blog is getting ad on every pages or post pages on blog. Adsense have integration with blogger blog. So the website should need to show the same or accurate page views. Both dashboard will show the same. Because the views are getting count by Blogger dashboard. For having integration the same views will be show to the Adsense dashboard also. Previous time (2006-2013) I saw this thing: when any visitor came to blogger blog: it shows the same to the adsense dashboard. 

Blogger blog, AdWords, Adsense, Google, Youtube, Youtube Monetization Program everything gets control by Gmail in this world. I think instead of Gmail we should need to get another email services providers login. Previously it was present and I had enjoyed. Still now miss those services. Now a day Blogger have Earning integration but they have only Adsense payment system. Can Blogger integrate some new earning system like PPI (Pay Per Impression) or Blogger Ads section personally. IT will make the blogger blog popular in this world. Still now any one can receive the email by method. But from 2006 to still now Blogger is integrated with Adsense only in case of Earning Tab. Here some new payment system should be come from Blogger Inc. I personally suggest PPI.

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