Saturday, December 16, 2023

In Smart Technology peoples are not using RJ45 cable direct with CPU.


Did you ever got hacked for using this rj45 cable? Do you know you can convert your rj45 broadband cable connection to a router Wi-Fi network easily. In Bangladesh this is large number based system. Here peoples help peoples by distributing the broadband router modem password to each other. Like on my residential building I use one cable connection to a big router. From there 3 floors there have 3 more modems and all over 20 persons we are using same broadband connections by mobile and laptop devices. By Wi Fi router network you can not use Wi Fi to your CPU without adding a Wi Fi connecting device. By my experience there have 100% chance to get hack when you are using rj45 plug in. This plug in have copper connection and the Cat4 and Cat 5 have copper connections also. So hackers can get easy access with your CPU if you have rj45 plugin based broadband internet connection.

Instead of rj45 cable connection you should need to use this router modem. On Technology world : Every house or every internet connection comes from Local ISP. ISP means: Internet Service Provider.  Every ISP are listed with the government. Every government is connected with the silicon valley authority and there have some right degree and angles for the authorized ISP around the worldwide. If any ISP is bad position based than there have easy hacker access. If any ISP share broadband illegally without informing the government: than there have huge possibilities about hack. If any ISP are nationwide that is not a legal ISP. There degree and angles based broadband transmission are not authorized. An ISP can not become worldwide. A silicon valley is not an ISP. A silicon valley is an ISP for the inter continental zone - continental country based but its not an ISP for worldwide peoples. So if you take broadband cable connection from Silicon Valley illegally: You will not find the right degree and angles based broadband supply to your PC or CPU. On your connection: if you take it to the house or building than your full house or building will stay online. Every mobile and laptop connection have Wi Fi device connectivity. You can get easy connection share to each other because at 20 MBPS speed minimum you are not using the full speed or broadband but you are paying for the full. So the Technology Network Hackers will make a gambling with you. They will collect your rest of the broadband bandwidth and will sell it to another locations where right degree and angle based broadband connection will not be available. 

To avoid hackers with your cable rj45 from your router: you can use switch with the router. Now a day for the fiber optic cable connection to increase the speed there have a new device available named onu. This onu is the first who is taking Fiber optic broadband connection from the ISP. After onu its coming to the main router modem. From router modem its going to the switch and from switch its going to the another flats router modem where all total 20 persons and 40 devices are using together one broadband internet connection. Speed: 20mbps.

On a smart technology world: there have no problem if you use your broadband Wi Fi Modem password for using with the surrounded peoples. In this way surrounded poor peoples will be happy and will pray for you. Every business locations, office and Cafe and Bar is connected now open Wi Fi policy. When anyone is coming there are getting the signal about the Wi Fi connection name. After getting the connection name: peoples are enjoying the free internet services with the Wi Fi connectivity. If you have strong password and if you are careful about the safe browsing than you are 100% safe. There have no way to hack you when you are using Wi Fi. 

In this Wi Fi share way you can build strong community in your area. Peoples will get knowledge that your house or building or business locations have free Wi Fi facilities. People will say your name or brand easily and you will get a popularity. On Bangladesh and India: I see here people keep the Wi Fi modem passwords are open. Like: username: admin and Password: admin. But I believe this is not safe. You can make your Wi Fi connection pass wordless for every one but You can not keep your admin password open. Here in Bangladesh and India: every middle class family have one Wi Fi router with broadband internet connection and maximum times their mentalities are open for all policy. In this way small small Wi-Fi communities are available in here. I think several crore numbers of Wi- Fi connections are available around the Bengali states of Bharat (india). 

From ISP: its coming to the houses or buildings. From ISP its coming to the ONU in case of fiber optic cable. From ONU its going to the Broadband Router Modem Wi Fi network. For the single Wi Fi modem use onu and switch is not necessary. But for the high speed and for many people uses: ONU and Switch are necessary. So I use my broadband connections on this way.  From ISP--- ONU---Router----Switch---Flats Router. In this way I cover 6000 SQF (Square Feet) area by one broadband internet connection from a  good ISP.

For the near future: SIS: Satellite Internet System is coming to the world. Perhaps European and American peoples are already using that by the name of Starlink. There have no broadband cable connection from local ISP. There have direct connection from satellite to the router modem to the Wi Fi network. Still now the upload speed is low but the browsing speed is very much fast or super. I wish I will also use one which is 1 KM range based and 500 peoples will use the same router or modem. Worldwide SIS modem makers can make an idea about this area small small WI Fi connectivity to the each one SIS connectivity. In this way your brand can get popular also. 



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