Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024 by masudbcl.


Happy new year greetings and wishes to all of my friends, colleagues, clients, buyers and sellers in the freelancing, outsourcing and marketplace world. The previous year was not very much important achievement for me. SEOclerks marketplace highest level affiliate seller rank is the best achievement for me in the last year. In this 2024 I love to get more and more achievements for my personal life and working life. 

Previous year worst experience is always electric hackers group attack. Bangladesh and the world have very much dangerous hackers group: their names are electric hacker group. They know how to control the electronics devices and makes the electric fluctuation where devices do not perform accurately. My house near have the power house of mymensingh Bangladesh. As far as I know this power house is very much old. Here several electric department software's are working. Their teams are working. Some of those teams are hacker: its I believe. Because I always feel trouble with my laptop/computer devices to start and to run. May be those hackers teams are from Dhaka or outside of Bangladesh also. I believe this power house does not accurately and honestly. For that reason I do not feel comfort every time.

On this 2024, I want to get all of my pending achievements. I wish I will be success to my future time pending works. I have a wish to go outside or travel nationwide and 2024 can be start of that. Last year huge promisers has broken the promises. An important person on this bangla world: didn't kept his one promises. He was promised within 10 years (2013-2023) of mass people revolution: I would get a things but 10 years has been passed and dint received that achievement. 

Google is wishing to every Google user a Happy New Year. 

But also happy new year wishes to everyone of this world. 
Hope new year will be a happier life for you all.
God Bless You all. 


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