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Peculiar experience about youtube community guideline warning.


I am with Youtube from the first day of their journey like from 2006 (channel name: hasanptc. Email: My first youtube channel name was hasanptc. Second youtube channel name was masudbcl. Second Youtube channel email address got hacked : I lost that youtube channel at 2011. After 6 years of break I made another new youtube channel by the same name: masudbcl. At 2011 time my youtube channel username and at 2017 my youtube channel username is same. How is it possible I do not have any idea? Any online large database system: you can not use one database for the second time. Like: from now on I am not able to create the masudbcl username on Facebook and Gmail. But there both of the username was mine. 

At 2011 time I have lost this blogspot access also. This blogspot name is : I made it with Gmail for the first time at 2006. At that time I made huge post with this blogger blog. The theme and topics was: Want punishment liberation war criminals of Bangladesh. By the same topic there had a facebook group also. Later the group name was changed : Want punishment liberation war criminals of Bangladesh and the world. Later I got a notification virtually from some one good or God to claim my blogspot address again. I made a re claim about my blog address with my second Gmail address: Now think that I made one blogspot 2006 with the email address: After some days I got lost the blog access control details. At 2011 time I had lost the Gmail to the hackers and also lost my odesk, elance and blogger blog accounts. After 07 years later I got a chance to claim the same blog with another Gmail account: Can you give an idea how is it possible? That 2017 time blogspot is this one which you are reading. At the time of reclaim I didn't got all of my previous posts. Can you think Gmail is the main hacker for Blogger blog and for the youtube also? 

See the top 3 images. Youtube community guideline strikes or Youtube community warnings will be expire within 90 days. You should need to take a training and the warnings will be remove from your youtube studio analytics dashboard within 90 days. But I am showing you the proof now where you will see my community guideline warnings has bene expired after 03 years. Not within 03 months. 03 years. So what do you think? The completely illiterates and uneducated groups are controlling youtube or the under class peoples are controlling where they do not have any quality? How this is possible to get a warning remove after 03 years. Appeals submitted Oct 17,2020. Training notification got: oct 25, 2023. Within these 03 years of time: training notification didn't came. 

I have shared Addmefast social media exchange website referral link. Peoples collect the watch time from addmefast social media exchange website and they collect the views also which are granted by Youtube Inc. So their referral links are also allowed because youtube studio traffic analysis system shows the statistics of Youtube views traffic sources. So if you take views from addmefast: Youtube will show you the traffic statistics that you are collecting views from Addmefast social media exchange website. Just think that youtube studio analytics program traffic sources are showing the views are legit and showing the traffic stats about but a peculiar, horrible and terrible community is saying the addmefast referral link share is a community guideline warning. So do you think they are human? Is it ok to make any kind of deals from the western countries with this non humanoids figure. In this world there have huge and large number of poor and good students which have a clear sense about the online world and which can do work accurately by a minimum salary based. 

I am working with freelancer and outsourcing website from 2002 to still now. 2002 to 2011 as a part time and from 2011 to still now as a full time. Every time I get payment on USA night time 00.00 time which is Bangladeshi time day time 13.00 time. Any kind of California based websites and updates are on going at the USA 00.00 time and Bangladesh time 13.00 PM time. But this time I had observed that the community guideline warning got removed after finish of the training at the last time of the day of 23rd January like 00.00 hours of 24th January starts. It prooves that this hacker group which are making this kind of trouble is following the local GMT time. Its not following the USA standard time zone. Now the question is: How Google Inc. or Youtube Inc. employed this kind of uneducated and illiterates peoples where there have large numbers of English TOS is available. Where the peoples are PhD types are necessary there I believe any educated peoples are not working on this community guideline warning zone. 

As far as I know when anybody have violations: than the youtube channel will not get any large amount of dollars and the channel videos or SEO will not work properly. All community guideline warning takes 90 days. In my case it takes 1095 days. How is it possible? Why Google Inc. and Youtube Inc. did this kind of behavior with me. I made an appeal and I shall take necessary actions at the future time with this appeal about that: what kind of authorities USA govt assigned who does not know the difference between 03 months and 03 years. Who will give me the Demurrage  for this 03 years- Google or Youtube. I have lost minimum billions of dollars earning scope. Youtube Ads industry or Youtube partnership program is a multi billion dollar earning scope. Obviously I shall look for the demurrages for these time period.  1 billion dollars for every year. 3 years of delay should need to pay me 3 billions of dollars to my youtube studio analytics program dashboard with a payment tab from Google Inc. and Youtube Inc. Also requesting Google Inc. and Youtube Inc. to remove the uneducated and illiterates group from any kind of works which are related of Google TOS and Youtube TOS. Separately looking for email address like: so that Gmail or Google can not access Youtube inside. Youtube Ads serve the ads within Youtube inside and Youtube inc should need to add separate Payment tab. By applying these 3 techniques Youtube can stay distance from Google. 

After 03 years of time: yesterday night 00.00 time when California time is day time 12.00 PM: than the warning got removed. But it was necessary to get remove within the zero seconds time of California as they said the warning will be remove on 23rd January. 23rd January means 00.00 time. It does not mean the mid day of the 23rd January for the USA and 00.00 at 24th January for Bangladesh time. So overall its a peculiar types of experiences from Google and Youtube combindly. Youtube Inc should be more and more honest: should be 100% honest when they are coming to the worldwide because this is the world largest video streaming platform. I believe the persons which are controlling these off topics or community sections: they are not valid citizens of any country and they do not have valid voter number for their origin. USA, Silicon Valley and Google Inc. or Youtube Inc. can takes any decision by their own authority but  the worldwide incorporations and corporation and companies and organizations have some basic decoration: that you need minimum valid citizens which have sixth sense and which have the valid voter number. In this world only human have valid voters numbers and all of the real voter numbers are available with the PERP & FINIDC division, UNDP UN. 

I do not support and like any kind of surrogates, species, test tubes or for any peoples which are not human to work for any California, USA incorporations (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, Google, Amazon etc.). None (surrogates, species, test tubes or for any peoples which are not human ) of them are my assigned or by my supported on any way. I didn't taken any decision to give them employment with the worldwide best incorporations. They will never become useful because they are not God's world born. They are not the God generations. They are only beautiful within the worldwide streets and streets related works. I am definitely sure: they do not know the meaning of Millions, Billions and Kilos. I mean 1 Million value and 1 Billion value and 1 dollar value: they can not differentiate. 

Note: Community guideline warning needs to wait simply 90 days only. Community guideline strike needs training and sane days. I got Community guideline warning and received the training notification after 33 months and warning got removed after 36 months. Remember: after 36 months. 

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