Monday, October 30, 2023

Why YouTube Transaction revenue is zero? Ask by Youtuber masudbcl.


Every incorporation have a personal payment tab in this world. Youtube is also an incorporation. I am using broadband internet from 1995. I didn't saw such as this corruption of Youtube-Gmail- Google Ads- Youtube Ads. Though Youtube is an incorporation: so I believe youtube should need to have personal payment tab where every youtuber of this world will get payment from Youtube Inc. directly. 

Do you think youtube payment tab got hacked or do you think Youtube didn't made the payment tab yet now. Why Youtube does not use personal email server. Like : I suggest Youtube to start these 2 facilities for this worldwide youtubers. 

  • Payment from Youtube Inc. directly to every youtuber bank account.
  • Youtube should need to use personal email server. 

Like when I am using than I have an email address like: When I am using : than previously I had 

Gmail is a separate incorporation. Youtube is the collection of Youtube, Youtube Monetization Program, Gmail, Google Ads and Youtube Ads. As a monetizer every body is able to access these facilities from Youtube inside. Like: You need to create an account with Youtube by Gmail. But I saw previously there had minimum 10+ email servers. Now a day those servers are not able to logged in with Youtube. I suggest Youtube can make server for every youtuber around the nationwide. 

If you saw the top playlist about Youtube Payment Proof video tutorials: than you may see that Youtube payment comes from Google Adsense. For payment to the worldwide youtuber: Youtube use Google adsense but the question is: Why the transaction revenue is $0.00? Do you think Youtube is paying accurately or honestly around the worldwide youtubers. Like : I had earnt 3000$ from Youtube Monetization Program and already withdrawn 1000$+ from the bank accounts. After withdrawn 1000$ from YMP: the transaction revenue is still showing $0.00. What does it means? Why Youtube monetization program studio analytics program is showing this $0.00? How youtube is paying around the worldwide or nationwide. 

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