Saturday, October 14, 2023

How much youtube pays for one view? $2.61 for 74 views as a 55%.


A person has been requested what is the RPM of my youtube channel : @whitepigeons? The answer is : $39.58 or see the proof from the top image. If you want to see the real proof than please save the date of this image: 12th October 2023 and you can contact with me. I can show you live proof, real life meet or with the video conference call also. For any of my youtube channels statistics: I am agree to show you the proof. 

See the top image. How much I am getting pay for every one view? See 74 views 2.61$ as a 55%. Lets calculate how much youtube paid me on this day: 12/10/23.  

Youtube Monetization program pays as a 55%-45% ratio based. 
Youtube paid me $2.61 as a 55%. 
Youtube cuts 45%. 

Lets see how much youtube cuts from me?
$2.61 x 45/55/= $2.13
The total revenue= $2.61+ $2.135= $4.745= $4.75
$4.75= 475 cents
Total views are= 74 

Lets calculate how much I have received for per 1000 views?
Total revenue($) /total views(k)

474 cents /74 = 6.4189= 6.42 cents= $0.0642

So you can say I have received $0.0642 for per 1 view. 

Basically Youtube pays for per ad views based. But worldwide youtubers calculate it for per view based.

Lets see how much youtube is paying me for per Estimated Monetization Playback? Here the total EMP is: 33. So :

Total revenue/ Total EMP
475 cents/ 33 EMP
14.39 cents= $0.1439 for per EMP. 

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