Wednesday, October 11, 2023

How much youtube pays for one view? 45 views $2.09 as a 55%. One view 08 cents. One EMP 15 cents.


Some youtube analyzer says that : Youtube allows VPN views. Youtube can not allow VPN views if those are not from specific country. Like I am from Bangladesh. If I do not use Bangladeshi VPN than those views will not be count. If I use UK VPN by staying on Bangladesh than my geo location and mac address will focus that I am not from UK. I am using USA VK by staying on Bangladesh. I also observe on youtube studio analytics program some times that views are getting decrease. Like : at the early morning the views were 157 but at the noon the views are 100. It means those views came from the illegal VPN which youtube didn't allowed and they got vanish from youtube studio analytics.

So do not use any kind of VPN for using Youtube videos. Basically when you install any VPN software youtube or any other Inc. knows that accurately. They track the VPN activities. Geo location is the main factor. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If you check video ads from VPN those will not be count. Like you are staying on Bangladesh. You are using USA VPN. For using USA VPN for a certain time USA ads can be come but after some times advertiser will get the knowledge that you are using USA VPN by staying on Bangladesh. Than advertiser will reject those ad views and that balance will not be add. 

If you use any social media exchange program  to increase the views: there also do not use VPN. Because if you use VPN your youtube video views and your youtube ad views will not be count. You will be count as a worthless and your IP or mac addresses can be blacklist by the most powerful advertiser network. You can miss important updates from internet which were assigned for you for your own internet related works. 

I have 2 youtube channels: masudbcl & masudbcl pigeon loft. I am requesting everyone on my audience: kindly do not watch my video and video ads by using VPN because if you use VPN the views and the youtube ad views will not be count. See the top image about how much youtube paid me on 9th October, 2023. 

Youtube Monetization program pays as a 55%-45% ratio based. 
Youtube paid me $0.54 as a 55%. 
Youtube cuts 45%. 

Lets see how much youtube cuts from me?
$2.09 x 45/55/= $1.71

The total revenue= $2.09 + $1.71= $3.80
$3.80= 380 cents

Total views are= 45

Lets calculate how much I have received for per 1000 views?
Total revenue($) /total views(k)

380 cents/45 views= 8.44 cents= $0.084

So you can say I have received $0.084 for per 1 view. 

Basically Youtube pays for per ad views based. But worldwide youtubers calculate it for per view based.

Lets calculate about how much I got paid for per EMP?
EMP= Estimated Monetization Playback. 
Total revenue/ Total EMP
380 cents/ 25 EMP= 15.2 cents= $0.152 for per EMP.

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