Thursday, October 12, 2023

How much Youtube pays for per Estimated Monetization Playback? Per EMP $0.79.


At first you need to know what is Estimated Monetization Playback? When a viewer comes to youtube video and get the youtube video and press the skip ads and stay with the video for minimum 30 seconds : than it is called Estimated Monetization Playback. Today article I will show you how much I got paid for one EMP from my youtube channel: @whitepigeons

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Lets see on the first image and top image. There you are watching a screenshot about Estimated Monetization Playback. At first Lets identify what is the youtube cuts? Youtube always cut 45% from the youtubers revenue or from total earnings. So here how much I had paid to the youtube?

Total revenue: $1.74 as a 55%
Youtube cuts: 45%
$1.74 x 45/55= $1.42
Total revenue: $1.74 + $1.42= $3.16= 316 cents

Total Estimated Monetization Playback is: 4.
Than Lets calculate how much I got paid for per EMP?

Total revenue (cents)/ Total EMP
316 cents/ 4 EMP= $0.79 

It means I am getting 70 cents for per Estimated Monetization Playback. If you want to get the clean images and if you want to see the live proof than you can contact with me from the website contact page options. 

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