Tuesday, May 10, 2022

10$ save by submitting Bangladeshi ETin number to Adsense payment system. 6th #youtubepayment.


Some days ago I had full filled the E Tin certificate number of Bangladesh Government for giving it to the Google Adsense Payment section. I heard that they will cut maximum 10% from the world cut of youtube monetization traffic. Previously they were cutting 24%. I gave 24$ charges 3 times. See my all youtube payment proof related video tutorial playlist in here: 

Previously I didn't submitted any E Tin information. Last month I have submitted that information after getting it from Bangladesh govt. 

Though my channel is few audience based like only 3000 subscribers and 1m impression based and monthly earnings are 100$ based : the deduction charges are high. But in case of high amount earn: they will or they can cut up to 10%. Still now USA traffic dedcution is in hand. May be they will cut it at the time of bank payment. 


Every e commerce business in this world need SEO. My youtube channel: masudbcl is a white hat seo channel. Search youtube: masudbcl and promote. (Subscribe, Like, Watch, Share, Comment).

Also check the last month youtube monetization payment stats. Here you can dedcut 3000 views because those are from social media panel. So far you can say: 14.4k-3k= 11.4k views = $104.97 as a 55%. 

Note: [I have a second youtube channel : masudbcl pigeon loft  and there I have the earnings of 5.27$. Additionally I have received 14$ also from adsense tect monetization. So last month total earnings for me is: 104.97$ + 5.27$ = 110.24$. But those 2 balance is not showing yet now within the balance sheet. Like: Total balance is: $110.24+ 14$= $114.24 - (6.08$ +$8.09)= $110.07 but its showing $107.18. Lets see. ]

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