Monday, June 20, 2022

How much youtube USA pays for every 1000 views? I am getting 34$ for every 1000 views.


Download the image first and see details.

See how much I have received from USA for the last 17 months. I got monetization approval 6th anuary 2021. Now June 2022.

Now see:
Total revenue: $236.16
Total views: 12526

I have received 236.16$ as a 55%.
Youtube taken 45% from here.
236.16$ x 45 /55 = 193.22$
So total revenue from USA: 236.16$ 193.22$= 429.38$

Than lets see how much I am getting for per 1000 views from Youtube USA?
Total revenue / Totoal view s(k)
429.38$ / 12.5k = 34.35$

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