Friday, April 19, 2024

Google adsense invited me to join a webinar at 2074.

@Google adsense is a world renowned publisher program. Its one of the best text monetization program. Every country have adsense publishers. Peoples always love to do work with Google adsense. So there have no chances for google to do any mistake. Do you believe that Google is inviting you to join a webinar at 2074. 

Some peoples think Google can not do any mistake. But in real life Google can do the mistakes also. Because the webinar has bene called for the 2024 but they are showing on email : 2074.


Do you believe google or Gmail made this mistake. May be Google made some outsourcing which had made this mistake. Do you think Google made the outsourcing for their adsense payment tab. If they made it by outsourcing: it will be very much bad thinks. Because any incorporations payment should need to control by the incorporations admin.

Just ad idea: Just think an outsourcing company is controlling the payment tab. Every payment tab have some specialty. Like if you delete the users earning by your own hand: than the cycle payment tab or button will not find the regular earnings accurately on to your adsense payment tab. Than if any team regularly deleting the user earnings by saying that this is their system: than what will happen in case of monthly payment and deleted or erased balances

Deleted balances or erased balances are must recorded with the main server payment tab. Secondly there have one more calculation: how much advertisers paid for the ads on the websites and there have also record how much adsense had collected for serving those ads. So there have records on Google payment sheet, Google Advertisers records and Google Adsense payment tab. 

So now think: a outsourcing company is always deleting or erasing the adsense users earning. After ads click: the balance add take minimum 15 minutes. But at the first time of adsense: it was instant. Maximum time every bloggers or publishers feels confusion: what was the advertisers payment for that ad show. Google ads does not show that but for the Adsense publishers google can show that to every publishers. 

The deleted or erased balances are called infraction balances. There have no other way to pay the infracted balances by Google ads money or by bitcoin or any system which Google prefer. I was saying an example. If it is: it should need to solve. Bloggers or publishers have right to see: how much advertisers are paying for every ad show on to the blog or website.

A balance within a text box or square box made with some things. Front is the value. Inner is the ASCII code. If you are not human and if you touch that number like $0.25 or $0.85 than the balances will go for the infraction. The background code of ASCII will be remove from the payment system and those numbers will not come to the payment module. So the user will not get the payment accurately and honestly. So I believe this mistake is not counted. It should need to punish. If Google want to outsource anything: Google should need to do that within Christians human community only like within the full America  North + south or within the full Europe only.

So do not outsource the payment tab from USA inside incorporations to any city or country of the world. Because if you have large number of infracted balances: than users are not able to take those directly by the payment tab. Without payment tab it is not possible to pay anyone from USA inside to outside. So there have huge chances : the adsense users  [ if they loss any money] they can do court cases against Google or Adsense or Payment tab from their own cities and countries. If it is happen Google should need to pay the money separately in case of infraction balances. If not than there have no problem. But remember one thing: mistakes are not counted on the elite classes of internet. 

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