Saturday, April 27, 2024

ETS need valid voter verification system.

Electronic Transaction System- ETS need valid voter verification system in this world. Bangladesh banking system is a kind of good and well organized system. In this small country there have 7 government banks and 100+ private banking system is available. Some of the banks come from outside of Bangladesh also. Like Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. This bank comes from Netherlands and its a kind of charity banking organization also.

By my personal observation: I see there have huge and huge peoples in this world which are using banking system but they do not have any country valid voter number. When worldwide banking system get prepared at 2000 time: there had an option named voter number for the customers database of Bank. A box like within Excel database or Access Database or Banking database Oracle 9i etc. But remember that on a Banking database: there have a blank field named voter number for some people. 

In a personal algorithm, I got proof long time ago that within banking database if there have any blank chamber or blank cell: than there have huge chances to get banking hackers attack. You can loss all of the banks online access or you can similarly using the banking access with the hackers. Now a day: there should be need valid voter database based valid banking system. 

When online banking system start works at around 2000 time, than the maximum database has been made with oracle 9i based. The network system was red hat Linux based. But within the database if you do not have valid voter number for any banking customer : than there have error possibility. In this world every country have valid voter database. Every international and national banking system should be need valid voter database based banking system otherwise there have every seconds 24/7/365 hacking chance.

In this world now a day Bitcoin transaction system is not supported by any banks in this world. Bitcoin Transaction System is a MAN based net work. Man= Metropoliton Area Network. Worldwide banking system is WAN= Wide Area Network based. So if any MAN makes a transaction to the WAN network: that will not be supported. There will be an infraction. For a single time WAN transaction to the MAN can be work. 

If you think there have God action behind the binary digital transaction system: than I can say a word. That is: if anybody who is not human [ I mean the person who does not have valid voter number] touches any number: than God remove the ASCII code from the behind of the number of the cell. In this way that balances goes to infraction level. Which is some times call: digital currency which are not withdrawable and which can be work inside of the country or banking network only. 

Recently Bangladeshi banks [ 16 banks together] announced a new digital currency based banking system. its upcoming. Here I believe the currency comes from the infraction level from those transaction where God is not present. So if you want to save your currency for your country or for your bank: You should need to prepare a banking database with the valid voter numbers based. I believe in this world: there have a department named PERP & FINIDC - UNDP - UN where you will find the valid voter numbers database. So apply that database to your banking system to keep your currency safe. 

Some peoples called infracted balances names are Bitcoin also which can not be transfer to the worldwide banks to banks. Facebook coupon codes, Google Ads coupon code, Any website coupons are from infracted balances also which can be use within the website only. Within a marketplace website, if you provide coupon codes those are also from infracted balances also as far as I know. Any websites can create unlimited coupons but for the first level they are called infracted balances.


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