Sunday, April 28, 2024

Domain ownership needs valid voter verification.


In this online world: anybody who have credit card or bitcoin currency can buy easily a domain for personal or own self. Some times anybody can make crime with the domain also. Like: you had lost your credit card and your bank credit card does not have mobile verification system at the time online purchase. So the person who got your lost credit cards, can easily buy or purchase a domain from online. The person can make any kinds of terrorist or terrorism based website also where the credit card owner will get the arrest order from anyone in this world because the domain purchase records will show the credit card owner names on the product purchase database in the domain name server zone. 

Think you have a child. The child is porno addicted or online games addicted. Certainly the child feels about an illegal website. So the child had stolen the credit cards of the parents. Went to domain purchase websites and registered an illegal domain names by the parents name. After that a crime has been happened on online. Police got the case and arrested the parents easily. It can be done easily. Any crime can be happen with the purchased domain at any time. 

So Domain purchase or domain ownership should need to go with more and more verification. In this world there have some citizens which are not 1% human and which comes as an animal shaped to the God world. You know they are commonly called around the world by the name of species or allien. They can not get the domain facilities from ICANN or from the name server. Because they are the main to make any crime or terrorism in this world. We also called them as a devil generation. So before going to purchase or before going to website launch: the domain ownership with video verification and with valid voter number is necessary. 

You know anyone you see who is not 6 feet 2 inches and does not have long hair or does not have foot print in this world: that is not God. If you see the 4 feet figures in this world: only top figures: you can not say them God. God always comes to you as a 6 feet 2 inches and with long hair and with religious speech and God will must touch you before talk. So by following anyone wrong you can give any kind of facility to the devil generation. Because everybody have the religion and everybody knows Devil is the main enemy of God. So devil generation can not get the domain facility in this world. The proper verification can make the internet more safe for the God use also. 

Internet for human only and we the human always wait for the God voice in this world. We believe any time God will come to internet and will give us speech and with show and we will see a or some God with 6 feet + and with long hairs are loving us a child or as a savior. So we need to keep our internet safe. Below 18 years of age should need to protect also to get register with domain names. So 18+ ages with proper voter number verification should be necessary before getting the ownership of a domain. 

A domain can be make with 3 parts. 
  • www: world wide web
  • keywords: the main part of the domain.
  • extension: like .com or .edu or .net. 
So every parts of these 3 makes a domain or website address in this world. There have additional https:// or http:// or https://www. or http://www also. USA domain seller incorporations should be necessary to add this more verification system [Video verification with valid voter number verification]. By my observation I see a crore numbers of species which are not human but every one of them are domain owner from USA domain selling organizations and they all are doing illegal business on online about to collect money from the rural society which can not be tolerate. So every one of them should need to pass a valid voter verification with video verification system. In this way USA domain selling organization will be huge and huge safe and save. 

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