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IPS- Internet Payment System need valid voter number verification.

 In this online world- there have huge and huge duplicity. Now a day to arrange duplicate national ID card or social security number is very much easy. I got huge and huge offer to verify paypal account with duplicate SSN. But now a day world have a valid voter database. Every country stay very much careful about the country voting system. So there have a valid voter database which should need to add with internet for the proper verification. 

Fake peoples try to give a bluff to the websites owner or to the verification center by giving fake ID number or fake SSN. But peoples should need to know that to arrange a fake ID is very much easy now a day but to stay with internet for long time will not be easy by the fake ID. So if you want to verify the real people than you should need to check the person validity by the country voter database system. 

Some times there have a valid verification system by showing id with photo or video on right hand side to the camera. Its nice but if the ID card is fake. So in this world UN have a valid voter database for every country. Or every country election commission have a valid voter database system. The worldwide website and the payment centers should need to get verify by the valid voter number based.  

Like: In Bangladesh this is very easy to get the several facilities by the fake ID card numbers. Like: Phone number, Vat Number, Online IDs, Tax Number, Bank account numbers and Mobile banking numbers but the person does not have valid voter number. So the person is not allowed to get any kind of facilities from online specially from Banks.

Now a day: Worldwide banks process 2 kinds of payment. One is: Internet to Bank Payment and another is Bank to bank payment system. Internet to bank means you or me are eligible to get pay from online to my personal bank accounts. But I have valid voter number. You do not have valid voter number. It means that person is not human. May be species or test tube generation. But in this country of Bangladesh or within worldwide as far as I know: there have a species generation which does not have any valid voter number but they have all of the rest of the numbers. 

Worldwide Army peoples give the valid voter numbers to the citizens. In case of Bangladesh:  the situation is same. Bangladesh have a kind of species which does not have valid voter number. But they are receiving all of the facilities even though Bank to Bank transaction and Remittance or some more facilities. But they are not valid citizen for using these services.

Basically there have a part on internet where God lives. The programmer believe: when bit and bytes run in this world than there have God wish or program available. So from that point of view if you believe in Gods program: if anybody touch the payment numbers on internet at the payment sheet which does not have valid voter number and which are not human in proper sense: God disabled their touched payment numbers: its called Infraction. Like: A payment have 3 sections. 

  • A cell or square cell where the numbers show.
  • A number which is called payment like $1.2M
  • An ASCII code which comes from God world we say. 

So I believe if you gives your website or corporation or incorporation payment tab to the species society than God will infract your balances which are getting touch with the species handwork or by the keywords or by the mouse pad or keyboard pad. Just before they touch the number God will remove the ASCII code from the square box numbers behind and the balances will go to the infraction level. Infraction level balances can be use within the website only Like: Google coupon code, Facebook coupon code or now a day it is Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is an infracted balances because it can not be transfer from P2P to any worldwide banking section or to any bank accounts. You can transfer from WAN to MAN but you can not transfer MAN to WAN. If you are eligible to transfer for a moment than it will cause an infraction cell where all of the worldwide hackers can stay easily to mark trouble with your online banks. Now a day: Bitcoin can be buy easily with credit cards but you should need to know that: that is Bank credit section or that is possible by debit or dual currency card based which have a separate network from the banking networks. For that reason world bank banned bitcoin transaction in this world because Bitcoin Balances are Internet infracted balances. 

So if you add the voter database based valid voter number verification for everyone on internet payment section: than the unknown peoples which are not human will not come to online to touch the payment tab or numbers and the balances will not be infraction more.  You should need to add this voter number based verification system from the top of the world internet payment zone where you have control. Like if you are owner of a website and if you process the revenue or the payment section for your users: than you should need to add the valid voter database number verification system for your users so that you can not get any infraction balances. By the way: If I am owner of any website or websites: I could not take any risk about the valid person based earning revenue and payment process. Because I believe Internet for human only.

In my personal life: I shall never deal with any kind of infracted balances. I shall directly delete those infracted balances because those balances can not be withdrawn to any system in this world. You will not find the programming code accurately or honestly. I only need revenue or remittance for my online earning life. I do not support to make or generate infraction balances on internet. I didn't liked it also. 

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