Monday, April 1, 2024

Where is Youtube EMP and Ad rates?


Where is Youtube previous EMP? EMP= Estimated Monetization Playback. If you search on Google: it will inform you to check Ad Rates button from Youtube Studio Analytics Program. I have searched my Youtube Studio Analytics Program. Can you please check where is the EMP button on Youtube Studio Analytics. For the last few months : like a year Youtube left side Monetization button is not showing. But on Facebook monetization is working heavily. You see the Earn button on left side. What do you think? Monetization left Youtube and Youtube is going to only RPM based. Than what is the necessity of video ads? 

On this search result: Google is saying to check the Ad rates. But I am not finding the Ad Rates section. EMP was a main earning source from Youtube. Google or Youtube didn't gave any announcement. Monetization got the ads from the worldwide Ads Funnel. It has been successfully claimed on Youtube video streaming platform. You can not move the tab from Youtube to another social media without the claimer permission. I believe no body likes the without EMP youtube earning now. Its a kind of very much low earning on youtube is showing. Do you think Youtube pays the full ad views now? 

Here Ad Type is available but Ad rates are not available. Youtube should need to inform about any kind of change. I didn't saw any video or updates about Youtube is saying the Monetization Tab name will be change to Earn tab. As far as I know: the worldwide ads funnel always will search the monetization tab on the social media platform to serve the ads. By not finding it on Youtube: do you think the video ads are going to the facebook video streaming platform like I see some times huge video ads on facebook videos.

If you are a third party, agent for video ads: you can collect ads from the companies, organization by not saying the video streaming platform name. You can say the video ads serve only. Like: I went to you and you gave me a video to run it to the video streaming platform. Now Facebook have video streaming platform also. So I gave the ads to the ads funnel and its went to the monetization section. Now a day facebook is showing the monetization. Monetization tab is not showing on Youtube studio analytics program. By not finding the ads with Youtube: the EMP is not showing - is it? Do you think @youtube is cheating with us? Lets Ask to @Google also: where is the Monetization tab of Youtube or why it is not showing on Youtube. Who was the monetization button claimer on Youtube? How this tab moved from one video streaming platform to another video streaming platform? 

Is there any way to move Ads funnel from Facebook to Youtube: because Ads Funnel (video ads) has bene fully designed for the Youtube video streaming platform only. After having 30,000+ subscribers or followers: I didn't got any monetization invitation on facebook. I am using facebook from the first day. If it is happened: it will be a crime because there should be the permission necessary of monetization claimer. 

Hope you can search and investigate about the issue. Is there any update videos about Youtube EMP and RPM matter? Did you ever looked. I didn't saw. Youtube Monetization Program is a third party for Youtube who came as a monetizer tab and gave the EMP program. By using EMP I had earn 10 times from Youtube monetization program. I want it back to Youtube and show the EMP button again. 

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