Saturday, March 30, 2024

Google Analytics 4.


On a previous blog post: I said that my blogger stats are not getting count with the Google Analytics and Google Adsense. It makes me sad for the last few years. I believe I had lost huge number of stats from the adsense dashboard. Is there any way to get connected with Blogger stats equal and honest with the Google Adsense. I have written previously about this problem and got a simple update which names is: Google Analytics 4. 

Now a day, Google Analytics is offering every one to set up Google analytics 4. I have also set it up with the Google Adsense. You will find the Google Analytics Integration on the left side of Google Adsense. See left side: Accounts and see Google Analytics integration. After setting it up it can take up to 24 hours but I have passed more than 24 hours. 

See the three statistics of Blogger stats and Adsense stats and Analytics stats. Google Adsense stats are down. So it can be say easily that the analytics or blogger stats with Google adsense are not working properly or Google adsense are not collecting the stats from blogger blog accurately. 

I am using blogger blog from 2006 and I know their statistics are very good and hard. I do not know why the same stats are not showing with the adsense page views section. I have added sitemap, RSS, Google analytics code, Google tags code and I regular submit the pages and links to the Google search console. But also problems about the right and accurate and honest stats are not coming and I am missing important revenue. Hope @Google will check the issue and solve the problems.

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