Friday, March 22, 2024

Google Adsense Tax cut for Youtube.

Basically Youtube Monetization Program pays 30% to the worldwide youtubers. Because after 45% deduct from the youtubers earning, Google adsense cut the 3 kinds of tax from the youtubers earning. This 3 kinds of Tax cut are around 20%. So Youtube pays to their creators 55% and after 20% deduct of 3 kinds of Tax cut, a youtuber get pay only 35%. For me maximum time that is 33%. So you can say easily if you earn 100$ from Youtube Monetization Program, than you will get pay 33%-35% like 33$-35$. Because Youtube cut 45% and 3 kinds of tax cuts are 20% to 25%. 

By my personal investigation I heard Youtube + Adsense cut this huge amount of tax cut from every youtubers for the payment process of Google Adsense and worldwide bank accounts. So if Google adsense enabled some more payment system for Bangladesh like Paypal, Payoneer, Wise or any other third party payment processor : than the payment can be very much easy and it can be without tax cut. Because when Google adsense try to pay the worldwide youtubers and bloggers a huge amount: than USA bank and USA govt looks for the USA Tax cut. But if Adsense avoid the worldwide bank payment system and add the third party payment processors: than the huge Tax cut can be avoid easily. 

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