Thursday, March 28, 2024

Youtube channel recovery experience.

I have created a fashion related youtube channel : masudbcl fashion from my main Gmail account. By one Gmail account you can create 50 youtube channels. I didn't uploaded any contents to the youtube channel. Just made the channel name and created the handle also which is called Youtube Handle.After some hours later I saw my channel got deleted and I had received an email. I understood its a kind of hacker group continuously reported against my channel without any reason. Fashion is a fascination for me from my child hood life. I have a plan to make some fashion related works at the future time.

I went to the Appeal section for the restore of my Youtube channel. Some times the hacker group thinks they are very smart. Youtube community means the peoples which are coming to your youtube channel, which are watching your videos, which are loving your videos by giving like, comment, shares and which are watching your videos and loving to stay with channel. As a word every Youtube channel have a community tab which are designated for your youtube channel viewers. 

I have full filled the appeal form and had shown the cause that: I didn't uploaded any video on my youtube channel and I had asked the admin: How I had broken the law of community guidelines. After 6 hours later : I got a reply that my channel got restored. I had a previous fashion related channel also where I was running some experiences also. I got that channel back also with my Youtube channel list. It means I had applied for one channel back, but I got 2 back. That was previously applied for appeal. That channel have one video also. 

After getting email from Youtube admin about the channel restore: I understand one thing easily and clearly. If anybody complain against your channel continuously: like one crore peoples within a minute : than youtube algorithm can delete your channel instantly. But when you makes an appeal: than Youtube will give you return back. There have a foolish group of hackers in this world: which thinks they are a community. But it can be say easily that any kind of hackers are not a community or internet community. Everyone of them singly dangerous. Maximum country have a law against the hackers. In Bangladesh: the highest punishment is sentence to death.

One more things you should need to know before complain against any youtube channel: every youtuber have a dream like for the community or for the world. So do not break any youtubers dream without any reason report. Community is a tab attached with Youtube. Do not think any one that outside of internet you are a community. Outside of internet you are a society. Internet does not have any tab by the name of society. You can make a society at any time any where around the world. I have a plan to do some fashion related works which I had been dreamt from my child hood. At the future time I shall design the channel and upload videos continuously about my or our fashion related works. 

The hackers which had reported against my youtube channel: those are a kind of fake hackers. When you report against any youtube channel: the report should be reliable and trusted. Only human reports are allowed on California Incorporations. If you are not a human: your report does not have any value.

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