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A short time travel to Bangladesh capital Dhaka.

I am outside of Dhaka from October 2016. I was not travelling any where from 2016 to still now. Recently I had visited Sylhet for 3/4 times. For an urgent work purpose with my senior sister: it was necessary for me to go to Dhaka for few hours only. 

For preparation I had left my flat at 10.30 PM. The train journey starting time was 4.45 AM. I had left my flat to my senior sister flat at 10.30 PM and reached at 12.00 PM. After reach to my senior sister flat I had taken preparation about to start some works on my laptop. I was hacked for 1 and half an hour. After 1.30 PM I made some blogging works and after 1 hour: I got called for the meal. After finish of the meal we had started to reach the station and we had reached the station at 4.00 PM. 

The train reached to the station at just time. We had taken our seats and it was first class cabin. We were 6 passengers. 5 of my senior sister family members. There had 2 sleeping bath also. Long time ago I saw first class cabin coach with AC facilities. This train name was Jamuna Express or Jamuna intercity. The first class Cabin AC facilities was not available with this train. The train route was: Dewanganj to Dhaka via mymensingh. The train started at 5.00AM to dhaka. Dhaka is only 120 KM distance from mymensingh. 

The early morning view from the running train window. Bangladesh is a green country. Here full country is full of green leaves. I was enjoying the train journey after long time like after 12 years. Basically I use BUS for going any where like from one district to another district. 

Basically Bangladeshi inter city trains are 17/18 coach based some times. Jamuna is one of that which have 13/14+ coaches some times. Its a train for the middle class peoples also. This time of train is very much popular for the peoples which have early morning works on Dhaka or for the office employed peoples. 

When I was small to journey from one district to another district: it was my hobby to stand out at the train coach gate. That is a little bit risky and I enjoy that every time because of thrill. Speed with rail lines, sound of the train coach wheels and strongly catch the stands of the coach gate and take the fresh air to the heart inside: this is a kind of good. But requesting the peoples not to practice this matter: because you cna get accident. Overall life is always valuable. 

Withing sleeping coaches: there have 18 booth. Some booth were double and some booth was single. Both of the booths are comfortable. On my booth: I saw 2 sleeping bath was unused means peoples were not using that for the last few trips. The train didn't got the full filled passengers.

I was feeling some tired and taken a sleeping bath facilities. Taken some rest and taken a small sleep up to the Dhaka Airport. At 10.00 AM we had reached at Dhaka komolapur railway station. Basically this was my duty to keep my senior sister up to Dhaka Railway station. After reach : my senior sister requested to go with them inside of Dhaka to the bus stand from where I shall start journey again to Mymensingh. 

I had left my sisters to farmgate Dhaka. From there I had taken a BRTC seat to abdullahpur Uttara Dhaka. By this time from Komolapur to Farmgate and to Abdullahpur I was checking the fly overs and metro rail stations. Didn't saw any huge developments of the peoples or with the struggler peoples. Every body is struggling for the high cost of living life styles and for the regular food products. No body is happy now a day in this country of Bangladesh for the very much high cost of regular food products. Any country can be happy in this world where food cost is very much low or minimum. I got some bad feelings by watching the poor persons struggle. I am also poor. I am not rich. Luckily I have food and residence by the mercy of the Great Creator or God. 

At Abdullahpur I spent some times in a shop. After few times at 1.30 PM I have decided to left Dhaka to Mymensingh. I came to the Abdullahpur cross area and taken a bus for Mymensingh. The Bus name was Alom Asia. Its taken 2 hours for me to come to Mymensingh from Dhaka only. But its taken 5 hours time on Train from Mymensingh to Dhaka. So anyone who is new: can take the BUS journey. 

From now I will travel for my personal necessity. I was out of the travel journey for the last 08 years for my personal freelancing, outsourcing and you tubing works. I have valid international passport also. So this time will be national and international travels.

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Observations about Dhaka: Development means to develop the peoples belly. Basically I do not like constructional development. Development means develop for the humanity.

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