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Youtuber masudbcl youtube payment proof. Every 1000 views= 10$


In this world you will find huge youtubers, but you will not find the youtube monetization program payment proof from every one because everybody of them are not monetizer. Maximum rich peoples are hobby youtuber. They do not like to earn from Youtube. Previously Youtube Affiliate program, Youtube Partnership Program and now Youtube Monetization Program. Youtube Monetization Program short form name is YMP. 

In Bangladesh I was not finding Youtube Payment Prooves related videos from 2016 to 2020 time. Huge youtubers are saying they are earning huge but they are not showing the payment proof from the Youtube studio analytics program inside. I got huge questions and started investigation. Later I got an answer from an American woman: answered me that you must see a message notification from "Inward Customer Transfer" when you receive the youtube payment from Youtube monetization program to Adsense to your personal bank account.

Secondly started investigation again. I had a previous youtube channel on 2017. After some days investigation: I saw 2 youtubers are showing their videos on Youtube channel. Got some speech. I was planning to make a SEO knowledge based youtube channel. An international Interpol investigation officer was asking me how much I know about SEO and to share those experience with a youtube channel. I had answered the guy: you will find details on my youtube channel: masudbcl

I was engaged with youtube from the first day of their journey. So I had some previous knowledge. I had applied all of the techniques and I got some success. My targeted keywords was: SEO. It was my target so that SEO viewers can find me easily. Still now working with that issue. Huge time got alert and threads from the hackers. But I had kept my faith on God and I had tried my best. Still now working with my Youtube channels. Here I can say only one things: views are not everything: quality views are everything. 

From the first day of my You tubing life: it was my target : per views one cent. So you will get huge calculation on my Youtube Payment Proof related video tutorials playlist. I suggest every youtuber to see my payment proof related video tutorials before start. Otherwise you will not understand the things easily. Youtube Monetization Program payment system works on 55%-45% ways. 55% for youtubers and 45% for the Youtube. 

Beside the 55%: you need to pay 3 kinds of Tax if you earn from worldwide. So that you can say 30%-35% will come to your pocket. So if any advertiser pay 100$  for your youtube channel all videos: than you can say 35-40$ will come to your pocket. So if you are eligible large number of views: than you can earn easily huge numbers of money. 

When you are prepared to apply for the youtube monetization program: you will be need to apply to Adsense content publishers on your second step. After getting Adsense approval : you will be eligible to set up Youtube video ads for your youtube videos. When people watch Youtube videos on your youtube channel videos with skip ads, than you will start getting pay. Payment comes to the adsense account every month 03 to 08th and Payment from Adsense to Bank account comes every month 23rd to 28th. 

Recently I have received 10th payment from Youtube Monetization program where I am preparing the blog post and vlogs and will share with you near future. I had received all total 10th payment from Youtube Monetization Program. A hacker group challenged me long time ago : If I am eligible to get 10 payment from Youtube Monetization program than they would left the internet for the life time. I think now its the time. 

Lets see on top about the first picture. There stats are:

352.1k views= $1095.94 (As a 55%) 
Lets calculate How much Youtube cut from my earnings.
You know Youtube always cut 45%. 
So lets calculate the total earnings.
I always pay the 3 types of Tax cut.
So you can say with Tax the total earnings are: $1600
With my 10 Youtube Payment proof: I had paid nearly 500$ (Approximately or nearly or it can be calculate after getting the tax sheet)
So youtube cuts 45% from 1600$.

Total revenue x 45 / 55 
1600$ x 45 / 55= 1309$
So the total earnings are: 
1600$ + 1309$ = 2909$ all total. 

Lets see the calculation without Tax cut. 
Total revenue: $1095.94
45% of the total revenue: $895.90
So the total revenue is: $1095 + $896 = $1991 

Let's see how much I have received for every 1000 views. 
Total views are: 352k 
Out of 352 k views: 102k views are paid views.
Than the real views are: 250k views.
You know youtube does not pay with the paid views which you bought from social media panel. 

So lets see the calculation: Total revenue/Total views
1991$ / 250k views= 7.94$ = 8$ 

So you can say I am getting 8$ for every 1000 views on this youtubers and you tubing world. How much you are getting please share your screenshot? Without payment proof: no body will believe you: you are a youtuber. Youtuber means when you are earning from Youtube Monetization program. 

Lets calculate how much I am getting pay for every 1000 with the Tax cut? 

Total revenue with tax cut= 1600$ 
Total revenue as a 45% - $895
Than the total revenue is: 2495$
Total views are 250k 
So the calculation is:
Total revenue / Total views
2495$ / 250k views
9.98 $ = 10$
So you can say I am getting pay 10$ for every 1000 views. 

Always remember: when you are earning from youtube monetization program : than you are a youtuber. If you are not earning from Youtube than you are a regular vlogger. Some years ago Oxford said: If you earn from Youtube Monetization program than you are a youtuber. Search Youtube: masudbcl. Subscribe and press the bell icon so that you can not miss any videos. 


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