Saturday, March 16, 2024

Youtube Channel Geography.


Youtube channel geography means which countries and cities are watching your video from the worldwide. Your youtube channel geography can be local or national or can be international also. When you are international than your channel will get visitors from the worldwide countries. Youtube studio analytics program will record than and will inform you which country peoples are watching your video?

I live near to India.  See my channel related top images. I have collected from Youtube Studio Analytics. I got top views from India. Second country is Bangladesh and third is: United states. My youtube channel total views are: 446K+ now. Channel age: 7 years. My audiences are not huge. Worldwide audience is: SEO. When I start my youtube journey than the total audience for SEO was 1500k+. But SEO cpc is high. Like: 15$+. 

Overall I get visitors from 100+ countries. If you are new on my youtube channel, please subscribe and press the bell icon. Search Youtube: masudbcl. By watching the images, may be you had clearly understood what is youtube geography? Youtube geography means: several country watches your videos. If your content is popular than you will get the viewers from worldwide. If your content is not popular than your channel viewers will be limited for a fewer country based. 

Like if you work with Bangla content than your maximum viewers will be from Bangladesh and India. Because Bangladesh and India have bangla language based peoples. Beside this you cna get viewers from the nationwide because huge Bangladeshi and Indian Bengali peoples are worldwide citizens. They can watch your content also. But Youtube geography always will show the IP or location based statistics.

You will find this statistics on your youtube studio analytics program. See top right side. Click Youtube studio. See Left Side analytics. Select Audience. Select Geography and select more section. 

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