Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Website promotion.

Every SEO expert have personal strategies about website promotion. Now a day website promotions are called SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Basically I follow a rule which was present from long times ago. I believe the main promotion is to make the website accurately. Make the content SEO first is my theory. 

  • Domain SEO: Choice any important keyword which will help you to increase your website and rank on search engine and search engine result pages. Like if you choice any keyword which are previously ranked, have keyword worth and value and have the good search volume: that will must help you about the website SEO. Keyword based views and visitors and traffics are the organic views which is very much important to get rank on SE or SERP.  

  • Unique Template and Design: Overall unique design and website template is very much important. Do not use duplicate template or duplicate design for your website. Duplicate anything will not help you 100% honestly to get rank on SE or SERP or SES. 

  • Unique content: Title, Description and Paragraphs are very much important SEO. If your website content is duplicate than you will not get rank on SE or SERP. But if your website content is unique and SEO keyword based than it will come to the SE or SERP or SES easily. This is the best website promotion that your website have unique content and unique keywords. This technique will be catch by all of the search engines in this world and you will get huge views or huge website visitors. Content is the king of SEO. 

  • Sitemap: Another way to get promote on search engines for the website is: the website must have sitemap. Sitemap is the very good thing to read the website by programming way and to get index on search engines. Alternative way is to use the RSS.  

  • Search Engine Submission : Very much important SEO in this world. World have huge search engines and every search engines have submission process. This is a very good SEO to get rank on search engines by submission on search engines. Search engines have huge bot to read the full website at a glance and to get index by Text, Image and by video. 

  • Link submission :Another way to get rank to submit your website with social media bookmark websites. Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page release submission, Article Submission, Directory Submission, Link submission, RSS submission any any kind of submission which makes your website listed with many directories. 

  • High PA and High DA: Now a day digital marketing section: High DA based article submission and High PA based website submission is very important to increase the rank of articles and to get the high cpc based ad with website articles. 
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