Monday, April 8, 2024

Where is the Youtube video ads value for the monetizer?


Its confirm and over confirm that: @Youtube Monetization Program is not paying the ad views based or skip ads based. Previously it has been described the name was: EMP. Estimated Monetization Playback. But now its 100% confirm is that: Youtubers are not getting pay by full ad views based or by skip ads based. If any youtube video watchers watch the full video ads than youtuber will not get pay any money: its a long time issue. For that reason worldwide youtubers arranged a new program: Skip Ads+ 30 seconds= EMP (Estimated Monetization Playback). But now a day for the last few months that EMP is not showing on the youtube studio analytics section. 

See the first picture. There you will find the proof is the Youtube is only paying the RPM based. Previously I saw the monetization tab changed the name to Earn program. Under Earn program now RPM is working only. RPM= Revenue Per Mille. Lets calculate the first image: 

Total revenue= $0.73
Total views= 387
Total RPM= $1.88

By the myth of RPM: 1000 views are called RPM (Revenue Per Mille) based. So here one youtube channel RPM is: $1.88. So lets calculate what is the RPM for the 387 views. 

So it will be: $1.88 x 387 views/ 1000 (RPM) 
727.56 / 1000= $0.727= $0.73

By the running terms and conditions: Youtube pays 55% to the youtubers and Youtube cuts 45%. So what is the RPM in here:
 $1.88 x 45 / 55 = $1.53 + $1.88= $3.41 

So it will be $3.41 x 387 views /1000 (RPM)= $1.32*

Now a day: Youtube Monetization program is called Youtube Earn Program. So what is the necessity of Youtube video ads and Google Ads: Youtube video ads. Because Youtubers are not getting pay for the Youtube video ads serve. Youtube Monetized channels are serving ads by the condition of 55%-45% ratio based. But where is that ad value if the top RPM calculation is ok. Do you think Youtube is thief or the monetization program is thief. May be this program is stealing the money of the youtubers because they are not showing the youtube monetization EMP (Estimated Monetization playback) tab or button or section where previously EMP stats were described. If you show the EMP you should need to pay the youtubers. So if you do not show the EMP than you are not paying those balances. But there have a contract or agreement with Youtube & Youtubers about the ad server and ad serve value get pay. 

* So if youtube pays the only RPM based than the statistics should be change. Because RPM is a kind of Youtube inside program. So there should need to be not have huge Vat or Tax from USA govt. If EMP said good bye to Youtube, than Youtube can pay the youtubers by 90%-10% based easily with RPM zone. Youtube can arrange a new payment tab also which will show to the YouTube Studio Analytics program. From there Youtube can pay worldwide youtubers by Paypal, Bitcoin or by Payoneer also. 

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