Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Adsense for Youtube Tab. Youtube inc. should need to pay more to their creators.

Adsense is showing a new tab on top left side: named Adsense for Youtube. from now on youtube statistics is showing on anew tab on Adsense home page. I have already received 8th payment from youtube monetization program. The 7th payment was showing on Adsense homepage as a 145$+. The 8th payment is showing 130$ on a new tab: Adsense for youtab tab.

Basically I have a personal opinion about youtube payment system in this world. Youtube monetization program pays to their creators worldwide by Adsense inc. Youtube Inc. is a separate incorporation. Every incorporation website of USA have personal payment system. So I believe Youtube inc. should need to develop a personal payment system which will show to their studio analytics program. Any youtube creator will be able to withdraw any amount of money from their earnings at any time. The payment which are coming from Youtube to Adsense to Youtube creators personal bank account: that is only 40%. Is it not a cruel program in this world that I am earning 100$ and I am getting pay only 40-45$. 

Youtube pays their creators as a 55%-45%. if I earn 100$ Youtube will cut 45$. No other program in this world cut as like as this. Its a horrible and terrible matter that you are cutting balance from the person's earning. Rest of the incorporation programs are taking only 10-20%. Like:

seoclerks take 20%.
freelancer take 10%.
fiverr take 10%. 

So I suggest youtube to take 10-20% from the creators earning. Otherwise youtube monetization program will be down by day at the future time. Now a day Youtube show ads with every video. So they are not depneds on Youtube monetization programs or to their creators. Because if advertiser set up any ad : youtube have rights to show the ads instantly without paying the youtube creators with every video (As we are watching video ads with all videos).. So I believe youtube can pay to their creators some more like 80%. 

Now a day Youtube monetization program is getting paid by Adsense to bank accounts. Youtube can pay to the digital currency like paypal, payoneer, bitcoin, neteller, web money, perfect money etc to their creators in case of more payments if possible. Its all my idea and suggestions: its not youtube announcement. I am just trying to say that we have rights to get more from youtube monetization program. Another idea is: Like: if anybody want to get pay from Youtube adsense payment system: than the creators will get pay 55%-45%. But if any creators wnats to get pay digitally than the creators can get pay 80% because digital currency system is very much easy as slike as other incorporation websites are paying.

Note: This article of 80% payment is my personal suggestion based. I suggest it to the |Youtube inc. After getting 55% we pay the 3 kinds of tax also. so the payment is only like 35-40$ for every 100$ earning. is it not cruel? I believe worldwide youtubers will become agree with me as 80%-20% by digital currency based (At least minimum with bitcoin).  Youtube inc. can say that for this website payment theyr are paying huge to the banks but they can avoid these all extra charges by paying with digital currency to their creators from youtube payment tab to the creators digital currency account. It can save the youtube monetization program in this world. No body likes this 55%-45% payment ratio where 3 types of tax cuts are available with 55%. every body will be like 90-%-10% or 80%-20% based payment with digital currency from youtube monetization program. 

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