Saturday, October 8, 2022

Cruelty of youtube monetization program tax cut. I have earnt 98.34$ : got paid only 31.97$.


Unexpected Tax cut from Youtube inc. I have earnt total  98.34 $ : 55$ as a 55%. But got paid only 31.97$. 
See the total earnings screenshot from my 2 channels. 

First channel: masudbcl earnings from september. Earnings are : $49.38 as a 55%. So how much youtube cuts from here. $49.38 x 45 / 55= $40.400. So the total earnings are: $49.38 + $40.40 = $89.78

Second channel: masudbcl pigeon loft. Earnings are: $4.71 as a 55%. So how much youtube cuts from here: $4.71 x 45 / 55= $3.85. So the total earnings are: $4.71 + $3.85 = $8.56

You know youtube pays as a 55%-45% ratio based. Youtube cut 45% from youtube creators earning which are very much high price based cut from any kind of website earnings in this world. Previously there had CPC company which cuts 50% up to like Max bounty. 

The total earnings from 2 channel is: $89.78 + $8.56 = $98.34. 
Now see the totp image: I got only 31.97 from my 98.34 dollar earning. 
Youtube cut 45% from their creators earning. So here the 45% is: $40.40 + $3.85= $44.25
So the earning as a 55%= $98.34- $44.25= $54.09 

I have submitted my E tin number on Google adsense payment section. There have clearly mention : youtube will cut maximum 10$ for each Tax cut category in 3 stages for every 100$. So for here 2 cuts  are showing because one cut show on the final payment from adsense to private bank accounts. 

On this image you are clearly watching that I will get cut 10% maximum on each category. My total earnings are 98$+. So the Tax cut will be maximum 19$ but I got cut : $54.09 - $31.97 = $22.12 

So I personally suggest the peoples not to do youtubing : I mean not to work with youtube monetization program. This is very much dangeorus cruel program. I got hired with an international marketplace for long time work like for 15 years. But the works didnt got started yet now. Waiting for the works to start and before that I am passing time with youtube monetization program and watching their cruelty. Where the rest of the programs (USA/American incorporations) pay as a 80%-90% than here this monetization program is showing their poorness by cutting 45% from the creators earning. Youtube is not a begger company. Youtube is the world larhgest video streaming website. Youtube monetization program is a kind of begger by sharing revenue 55%-45%. This kind of program didnt got observed by me from my internet 27 years of work. See all of my payment proof related videos on my youtube channel : masudbcl.

I personally suggest Youtube should need to create an unique payment tab to pay their creators worldwide for their views, for their ad impression, for their ad views and for their CPM programs. payment with adsense is a dangerous cruelty. Youtube is a sepaarte incorporation. They should need to have personal payment processor. For avoiding vat tax they should need to pay the creators from their own payment processors. Like by Paypal or by bitcoin. If youtube monetization program use digital currency than these kind of tax cuts will not be necessary because when you try to pay some one by Inwrd or outward by bank payment system thna USA govt can cut the taxes. But this is a kind of cruel is that I am not in USA but USA govt is cutting tax from my earnings even though when I didnt earnt 100$. Its a kind of poorness show from USA for this world. Hope USA govt will add Payment Tab for Youtube studio analytics program and will pay their creqators by digital currency to avoid the vat tax cut. 

When I am earning from Youtube Monetization program: I get the knowledge about USA Tax cut cruelty. USA govt is showing a begger mentality by cutting Tax from the outside of USA youtube creators earning. This should need to be relax is that outside of USA creators will not pay any kind of Tax from their earnings. The Youtube inc. should need to pay the full vat or Tax from their % earnings of youtube creators. 

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