Sunday, September 16, 2018

Finally the payoneer card is in hand.

You can not believe that I have been trying for Payoneer card from 2003. At 2003 I have been applied to Payoneer. After 2003 I have been applied Payoneer on several times. Finally after 15 years later I have received my Payoneer card by special courier service of USA, Germany, UK and DHL on Bangladesh. This time Payoneer said me you can track your packages up to you get the card. I have been applied minimum 15 times for Payoneer card directly to the Payoneer department and by several marketplace like by Odesk, by Elance or by any other marketplace. But none of the time I have receive the card on my end at Bangladesh after having clear of every thing of my building like- Land bill for month and every year from 1988, Land Tax and Building Tax to Mymensingh City Corporation (Previously it was municipality) from 1999/1998 to still now. Every time from 2003 I have been in query to Payoneer customer care and I have received the card now a day some days ago. Every time Payoneer customer care said that they had shipped the card, the card has been dispatched from their side successfully and the card has been issued by my name from USPS- United States Postal Service or many other postal service but at my side the card was not coming to my hand. Later I have identified the problem is on here- Here from Local post office I have not been receiving the card. Than I had informed the Payoneer customer care and they had answered me that they will send the card by special courier service this time and I shall must receive the card. After that the card has been dispatched from USA to Germany, Later from Germany to England and From England to Bangladesh Dhaka and from Dhaka to my house building by DHL. Now I am a happy person because I have been trying to become a freelancer card holder for the last 15 years and it helps to withdraw money from worldwide mastercard logo ATM booth. Thank you Payoneer. 

Can you imagine that what types of society corruptions are available on Bangladesh that An American company has been issued the card by USPS- United States Postal Service and I didn't received the card not for a single time? This is over sure the card came up to Bangladesh but I didn't received the card from Bangladesh end. 

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