Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Which are the methods to increase youtube views?

 What are the methods to increase youtube views? 

Now a day youtubers use a term named: viral. But by my observation: there have no word by the name of viral on youtube dictionary. Youtube says that is popular. If you want to generate huge views to become popular than you have to follow 5 common things and some SEO factors. At first lets see the 5 factors : 

  • Intro : First minute or minutes of youtube video.                                   
  • Outro: Last minute or minutes of youtube video.                           
  • i button:  There have some button option to show the related and relevant videos on top within youtube videos.                                       
  • Thumbnail: first impression is the best impression.                                            
  • Card: Last impression or last 15 seconds on youtube video where you can add playlist, recent uploads and subscribe button   or link. 

I am new on youtube. I did joined with youtube monetization at 06th January 2021. Today is 17th February. Here is the custom  views of my channel up to today. 

Lets see the total views of my channel. The first video I have uploaded at January 2017. But now I am doing you tubing for the last 13 months.

Some SEO Factors which can change youtube video by my observation: 
  • Do not use duplicate content or copy paste content or edit content because every search engine likes the raw content.                     
  • Do not use the content which had used by another one on another videos.                                                                                                     
  • Do not spam your videos. Use the share button under the video.         
  • Use SEO keyword based title and description.                                 
  • Use important keywords or tags.                                                                     
  • Use accurate or exact location or keep it blank if you want to use hashtags under the video and top of the title.                                                           
  • Use sub title for different language peoples.

Search me on youtube: masudbcl

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