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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

1000 views 60$ from a specific country. How much youtube pays for 1k views?

 I am getting 60$ for every 1000 views from a specific country. I have already received 4th payment from youtube monetization program. Waiting for the 5th payment now. 

Download the image first. Here blogger shows the image less light. Check the statistics from a specific country. For the security reason of my channel: I made the country nme hidden.But if you wnat to see the live: than you can call me on any social media messenger. See my youtube channel: masudbcl about section. 

$163.52$ for 4.9k views as a 55%. You know youtube pays 55-45 ratio based. Here you are watching $163.2$ as a 55%. As a 45% youtube taken: $133.78. So the total revenue is: 

$163.52 + $133.78 = $297 
The total views are from that country: 4961 views.

To identify per 1k views revenue: 

Total revenue divide total views (k)
$297 / 4.9k = $60.61 

It means I am getting 60$ for per k views from one specific country. As far as I know previous record was 60-70$ for per1k views. 

As for example: if any advertiser setup an ad for 500$: than youtube will pay you 300$ and will take 200$ as a 45%. 

About this 297$ I have already received 234$. See all of my payment prooves videos on my youtube channel: masudbcl 

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