Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Youtuber masudbcl earning. One day highest value earnt. 495 views 15.75$

One day highest earning for my youtube channel: masudbcl.
495 views 8.66$ as a 55%. Youtube taken 45%. 
Lets calculate : 8.66$ x 45% / 55% = $7.08.

So the total earnings are: 8.66$ + 7.08$ = 15.74$
Total views are 495. Total earnings are 15.74 $= 1574 cents. 
So the per views earn : 1574/495 = 3.179=3.18 cents. 

So that you can say I am getting pay 3.18 cents for per one views. I have checked the statistics and got that one video is doing well. 22 views 2.02$ as a 55%. See all of my payment prooves related videos together. 

Now a day people does VPN click exchange on youtube. That will must disable your youtube channel because every computer have hardware devices where Mac addresses are available and when you clcik those mac addresses got record. When the algorithm find the similarity about the click exchnage by those mac addresses than you will get disabled. So do not destroy your youtube channel. There have no alternatives about to do the video SEO or the channel SEO. I do not have any experience about VPN click exchange for youtube channel and I do not suggest and I believe that is crime. Because by the reference of Youtube videos work when you are enabling large numbers of VPN than you are giving the access to the large number of heckers also. So do not use VPN without any reason and save your country banks. 

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