Monday, April 2, 2018

Basic Talks about freelancing and outsouricng.

I am a full time freelancer and outsourcing worker at marketplace. I have been working with outsourcing and freelancing world for the last 6 years as a full time. At first I have been started to do work with O Desk (Currently Upworks) and my first earnings were only few $. Now a days- by the mercy of great creator and by my try I have been earning and filling up my living cost. Still now I have been trying to develop more and more and I have been trying to become successful with Outsourcing and Affiliate Marketplace

There are huge and huge methods to earn from online. But freelancing and outsourcing world is the only way where you do not need to invest any money. You can start your earning on here completely free- by using your brain and study research. Here the main method is Time=Money. You will learn huge by spending your time from online by Google PDF (Check Bangla PDF) or by youtube videos or by any live streaming services. The basic works for every one is Web research and Data Entry.  Because freelancing and outsourcing world or marketplace world are fully operate by English. Any body who we are using internet -every body we know English. From that point of view to join with any marketplace for outsouricng or for freelancing work- to apply web research and data entry based works are easy. 

Web research based works example- Like Find out all the hotel address of Dhaka? The necessary fields will be - Hotel Name, Hotel Address, Hotel Cell Phone Number, Hotel Email Address, Hotel website address and Hotel Social Media Pages (Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + pages link) and Finally Google Map location. These 10 information you should need to provide to a client by an excel file. Than you shall make an excel file. You will start collecting data from research based books like from Bangladesh Yellow pages or from Bangladesh Directory

You can create a database by an excel file or by a google drive. This is very much easy for everyone to collect data from online by using several method or policies. There have algorithm based methods also where you can collect the huge data accurately. There have software based system also for collecting data from internet automatically. But on internet every automatic process is some how black hat method and we have to avoid the black hat method every time to get the perfect satisfaction about freelancing and outsouricng work. 

About estimate of earn by web research
Worldwide best marketplace show a basic rate of minimum 3$ per hour for any types of web research. Day by day when you will become very much expert than your rate will be increase. Like 36$/per hour. There are several types of researching works are available. Like you cna get ask for 1000 hotel email address of Dhaka, 1000 linked professionals of Dhaka, 1000 E commerce website of Dhaka and many other types of work. If you get any works for weekly 40 hours and by 3$ for per hour -than your weekly earnings will be $40 x 3= $120 and monthly earnings are $480.  

You can join with my favorite marketplace from the top banner. If you join from this banner than I will provide you free support about the details of SEOClerk.  This is the world largest SEO marketplace. My benefit is if you buy any product from SEOClerk at the future time than I will receive 10% from your buy. Like you bought a product from SEOClerk from 1$. SEOClerk will charge you 1$ and your worker will receive $0.80. I shall receive $0.10 and SEOCLerk will receive $0.10. 

Combined works are matter of mentality. 

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