Thursday, May 27, 2021

Facebook group exchange #youtube views are giving bloof each other facebook member.

In Bangladesh #facebook social media platform: I discovered a very much nice or bad idea where they are watching each other videos intentionally. They are not doing keyword SEO or they are not doing description SEO. They are not following youtube guide lines perfectly. They are creating #youtube related groups on Facebook and may other social media. After creating groups they are watching each other videos. The most dangerous things are: some groups are using #VPN and watching each other youtube video ads which can cause trouble with the youtube channel and which can demonetize also peoples from youtube. Large number of #vpn on for any app where the VPN connection is not necessary can make a dangerous hacker attack also any time on any geographical location. Because #youtube is an open video streaming platform where this is open for every country within the world.

These types of Facebook groups you will find every are of south east Asia. Every one is creating 10 to 12 gmail accounts and youtube accounts and subscribing each others where their mentality is to giving bloof each other also. They do not stay as a permanent subscribers. Now a days in this country of Bangladesh: huge murders are on going from social media. These types of activities can make murder also in the future time. Hope #youtube will be very much alert about same device multiple subscribe from several account to one channel.  The main thing is the subs are not getting generate from #youtubeseo or from #APISME or from #APISMM or from real interest based .

For stopping any unwanted situation we should need to careful about to use this misuses. These types of activities will not show real user interface or statistics in front of youtube advertisers for the future time and youtube can loss major number of advertisers from their platforms at any time. Because for watching ads with #VPN will not make any real time impression for #youtube platform and advertisers will not get any major benefit. Advertisers need minimum real time impression minimum. Like an advertisers runs an ad of crore views target. There the advertisers will expect minimum several crore impressions. But if you use #vpn than the advertisers will not get the real impressions number and they will be misdirect or mislead about their campaign and they will stay away from youtube. In this way #youtube can get loss their huge business from worldwide advertisers.

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